Summit Plummet



Get set for a breathtaking 60-mph plunge straight down to a splash landing at the base of the mountain. The staggeringly high ski jump beckons you from anywhere in the Park.


Rating - 5 Star

Tips & Fun Facts

Ladies may wish to opt for a one-piece bathing suit at the Water Parks, especially if you plan to take on the Summit! Watch your friends and family from the observation deck as they race by! Make sure you are in the right line. The lines for Summit Plummet and the Slush Gusher are right next to each other. On crowded days it's best to visit this attraction early in the morning.

Restrictions - 48" or 1.22 meters minimum height

Suitability - Outdoor, Thrill Rides, Water Rides

Ages -  4 thru 6 yrs, 7 yrs & up, 12 yrs & up

Reviews Summit Plummet Reviews
Undercover Tourist - Editorial

Not sure why this fun... if you are crazy it might be! Amazing yet terrifying :)

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Summit Plummet, Blizzard Beach