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Gwazi is Busch Gardens Tampa Bay's mammoth double wooden coaster. It is also the Southeast's largest & fastest double wooden roller coaster, boasting more than 1.25 million board feet of lumber & more than 2 million bolted connections.

Named after a fabled lion with a tiger's head, Gwazi races riders through almost 7,000 feet of track & six "flyby" maneuvers in which trains pass within feet of each other at crossing speeds of 100 mph. Gwazi is in reality two distinct coasters intertwined: Gwazi Tiger has an element that gives riders a slalom sensation, more like a bobsled than a wooden coaster. Gwazi Lion's highlight is a seemingly continuous number of spirals.


Rating - 4 Star

Location - Morocco

Restrictions - 48" or 1.22 meters minimum height

Duration - 8 minutes 0 seconds

Suitability - Outdoor, Thrill Rides

Ages -  7 yrs & up, 12 yrs & up, Family

Reviews Gwazi Reviews
Undercover Tourist - Editorial

Both are very good, tiger is better. Really suitable for 8 yr olds onwards unless your 7 yr old is tall for their age!

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Gwazi, Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay