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The tantalizing flavors and sizzle of Miami's South Beach will have your taste buds singing with the best of Cuban cuisine, while the rest of you is harmonizing with the best Latin rhythms in this restaurant created by superstar Gloria Estefan and her husband, producer, Emilio.

Rating-2 Star

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With a 16,000-square foot space, two floors of indoor and outdoor dining areas, and three separate bars, BONGOS CUBAN CAFE not only excites the palates of its patrons, it stimulates the visual and aural senses as well.

The building's Old Havana architecture is dominated by a massive pineapple-shaped adobe structure that fills the skyline of Downtown Disney. Once inside, a dazzling mosaic of hand-painted murals evoking the Cuba of the 1940's and 1950's.

The restaurant features a misty waterfall with its refreshing taste of the Caribbean, bongo drum shaped bar stools and the red-hot rhythms of Latin Dance Music. Every night, the official Desi Arnaz impersonator takes the main stage and transports the guests to the Havana that once was-and will be again.

Reviews Bongos Cuban Cafe Reviews
Undercover Tourist - Editorial

Not a kid friendly restaurant inside, due to noise, bar etc, bring your friends not children. The food is over priced and average, service adequate! If you do go, sit outside. enjoy a thick strong cuban coffee and visit for dinner not lunch. The atmosphere is lively and designed to capture a Miami. Florida south beach club, the live latin band is cool.

we have just got back from a lovely holiday in Florida, and dined in the bongos restaurant one evening... I have to say we had the worst meal ive ever had there.... The childrens meal was ok, but i had fish and my hubbie had meat..the meat was so tough he coudnt eat it, and my fish was terrible.. I dont recommened this restaurant to any one, and we will never return there


We visited Bongo's on July 21st of this year. Let me be the first to say that it was the worst restaurant we have ever experienced in the Disney area! We stopped in for an afternoon snack. Our order consisted of one caesar salad, a black bean soup, one kids meal and 2 appetizers. We also had 4 soft drinks and 2 glasses of water. It took over 30 minutes to get our order. In the meantime we drank our sodas. Each time we got down to half to three quarters of a glass it was refilled. We thought it was great service. What it actually was was a shake down because we were charged $2.25 for each 'refill'. One appetizer was so bad we sent it back. Dog food or spam in a corn husk! We ordered bread and butter at the servers suggestion. We were amazed that it took so long to open the brown 'n' serve bag and dump in the lousy rolls! When the bill came we encountered sticker shock. $68 for that trash food! The tip was already processed into the check so it was really incomprehensible that the server tried to get more of a tip by placing and 'x' on the credit slip by the gratuity line. We left less than the included. We have eaten good Cuban food. This is not good Cuban food. It is a disgrace. Gloria Estefan is single-handedly making sure that there is no desire by tourists to visit Cuba! We gave it and F.

Nicole Silverwood

Hi. I have the following review for Bongos, visited three times in June, 2003 Although Bongos is not renowned for phenomenal service (it was average), it definitely made for a fun, unique dining experience with a young group of business people from out of town. I personally had to be dragged into the restaurant kicking and screaming (I've lived in South America and hated the food there so I was not anticipating much better) but not only did I really enjoy the food. I went back 3 more times in the next 7 days! I'm going back again this June, having been craving Pechuga de Pollo a la Plancha since last year. It's a great alternative to the burgers at Planet Hollywood and the 2 hours waits at House of Blues. I'd give it a strong B rating.

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Bongos Cuban Cafe, Downtown Disney® Area