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Enjoy the Captain's fishbowl margaritas, including the famous frozen strawberry, in a nautical setting extending over the waters of Buena Vista Lagoon.

Rating-3 Star

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Don't miss the home made key lime pie! Smoothies and shakes are tasty treats for those that don't drink the margaritas. The thirst quenching strawberry margarita has been a favorite at Cap'n Jack's since 1975... you won't want to miss it!

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Undercover Tourist - Editorial

A relaxed and casual seafood restaurant located on the lake at Downtown Disney. The food is average and a bit pricey but worth a visit if you crave seafood.

Luis A. Morales

Dined with three family members Saturday. October 1st, 2005. The good news first. The restaurant is lively, well designed and decorated. The live band is great and the dancing is fun to watch. Now for the bad news... the dining experience. After being seated (one of the alcoves at the bar downstairs), we waited over ten minutes and finally asked a passing busboy to find our server. Friendly, took our went down hill from there. We ordered a Sangria, a mango non alcoholic drink and a rum and coke. The sangria was awful. This was processed beverage at its worst. The chopped up bits of fruit must have been swimming in that alcohol and melted ice mix with what had to be food coloring for days. It was impossible to identify any fruit by its taste. I did recognize a bit of what had once been an apple from its skin and texture. The liquid, it was not sangria, reminded me of formaldehyde. I sent it back. The bread, One of Cuba's contribution to the world is delicious Cuban bread. Particularly when it is still warm. Our bread was warm. was not Cuban. It was not bread. It was some frozen pull apart thing that had zero flavor. My Caesar Salad... can't tell... it never arrived. Main orders came. Food was OK. Lacked real latin spice. My churrasco was a nice cut, properly prepared. Good maduros. The chimichurri "sauce" was disgraceful. It is supposed to be olive oil with chopped parsley, oregano and garlic. What we got was pureed parsley and oregano with a hint of garlic in WATER. Why would anyone want to put water on his or her food? Asked the server for a second helping of the chimichurri under the theory that I would drain the water from the two portions and the remaining sediment could then substitute for the real thing. He never delivered. Well...we never delivered a tip. Indifferent food, served by an indifferent staff. If you want to go dancing to a live latin band, by all means go to Bongos. Just have dinner somewhere else before you go there. Don't expect to find Emilio or Gloria there, however. They would not be caught dead in this (their own) place.

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Cap'n Jack's Restaurant, Downtown Disney® Area