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Rainforest Cafe ® re-creates a tropical rain forest through a combination of live and animated wildlife and special effects. Walking into Rainforest Cafe ®, you're greeted by lush vegetation, live tropical birds, simulated thunder and lightning, rain showers, majestic rock formations, talking trees, whimsical crocodiles, playful primates, fluttering butterflies, and the sounds and smells of a tropical rain forest. Everything is set against an amazing backdrop of enormous saltwater fish tanks, cascading waterfalls, and larger-than-life banyan trees.

Rating-3 Star

Tips & Fun Facts

Visit our tropical birds, exotic fish and retail village. Be prepared! The forecast calls for thunder and lightening storms inside the cafe every 20 minutes. Look for live bird shows in front of this restaurant. Beware if you have very little ones who may be frightened when the animals come to life.

Reviews Rainforest Cafe® Reviews
Undercover Tourist - Editorial

Good food with large portions, great atmosphere and good service but can get very busy. Your kids will love it!

Despite booking two days in advance and arriving at the restaurant over half an hour in advance of our reservation, we had to wait in four different queues, one to pre-register, one to register, one to have our name called, and one for an empty table. We were seated one hour after our reservation time. The food was served very briskly, we were not even offered desserts. and the bill was presented while our two teenagers were still eating their main course. When our teenage daughter went away to the toilets and we remained seated at the table waiting for her to return, the waitress very abruptly asked us what we were still waiting for - and we were back out on the street 45 minutes after the meal started - with indigestion. Very expensive and very stressful and abrupt!

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