Mission: SPACE (Green)

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This ultimate interactive thrill-packed adventure is as close as you can get to blasting off into space without leaving Earth.

Each member of your astronaut team has a challenging role in a dynamic and daring cosmic mission dodging meteors and navigating nebula. Feel the force of lift-off and have an exhilarating, mystical rendezvous on another planet. It's out of this world!

The Green Team has a less intense experience than the Orange Team. You do not feel forces up to 2.4G when choosing this option. If you are prone to motion sickness, you should opt for the Green Team.

The Frog Family Experience

"Tad and Lily love how they can choose their individual positions (Commander, Pilot, Navigator or Engineer) for our journey to Mars. (Parent tip: Even though the positions don't affect the overall experience, we've avoided MANY arguments by deciding on them beforehand.) Orange vs. Green: We have a blast and don't get as nauseous if we do the 'Green' level of Mission: SPACE. The orange level? Well, that's another story."


Rating - 4 Star

Location - Future World East

Tips & Fun Facts

Learn more about Mission: SPACE and play Mission: SPACE Race Online with Guests LIVE at Epcot® by visiting disneymissionspace.com. The outcome of your mission varies depending on how each astronaut performs during the flight.

Restrictions - 44" or 1.12 meters minimum height

Duration - 13 minutes 41 seconds

Ages -  4 thru 6 yrs, 7 yrs & up, 12 yrs & up

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