Gatorland's Very Merry Aviary, home to the colorful and friendly Lorikeets, is a great place to get upclose to nature.

These brightly colored parrots, native to the Western Pacific and East Indies area, are specially adapted to a diet of pollen, nectar, and fruit. This diet has led to the development of a specialized tongue with a brush-like structure at the tip for gathering pollen and nectar, as well as a more slender bill for probing into flowers.

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Tips & Fun Facts

Our Lorikeets just love people, especially those with a small cup of nectar. Open several times daily during regularly scheduled feeding times, visitors can enter the Aviary for a more intimate experience with the birds. Small cups of nectar to feed the Lorikeets are available for a nominal charge.

Paper towels are also available for those who may experience a very personal Lorikeet encounter!

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