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Created in 1991 as a natural breeding area for Gatorland's gators, the 10 acre Gatorland Breeding Marsh contains 130 adult alligators... 100 females and 30 males. Living their lives in a completely natural environment, these alligators produce the next generation of Gatorland's namesake reptiles.

A 3 story Observation Tower and raised wooden walkways allow visitors an unprecedented view of not only alligators, but also many different species of native Florida birds. Shortly after its development, the Breeding Marsh became a haven for several different species of Florida's birds, such as Herons, Egrets, Cormorants, Anhingas, Ibis, and Storks. Protected by the alligators from their natural predators (such as raccoons, snakes, and bobcats), the birds began using the area as both a roosting and nesting site. With the addition of the Bird Rookery, visitors now have a unique opportunity to view the courtship, mating, nesting, and feeding behaviors of not only alligators, but also of wild birds in their native habitat.

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Today, the Gatorland Breeding Marsh & Bird Rookery is one of the largest and most accessible Bird Rookeries in Florida. An oasis of nature in what is fast becoming suburban sprawl, the Gatorland Alligator Breeding Marsh and Bird Rookery was chosen in November 2000 by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, as part of its Great Florida Birding Trail.

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