Flamingo Lagoon

Just across from the Very Merry Aviary and Allie's Barnyard is Gatorland's Flamingo Lagoon, home to a small colony of American Flamingos. Found in tropical and sub-tropical areas throughout the world, flamingos can reach a height of 5 feet and may live over 40 years in captivity.

Characterized by it's long thin legs, flexible neck, and bright pink coloration, flamingos are also known as "firebirds" as they can sometimes be found in rather inhospitable volcanic mud flats. The word flamingo is taken from the Latin word for flame, no doubt for the brilliant pink coloration some flamingos have. Not all flamingos are pink however, and juveniles are born a light grey color. Flamingos receive their brilliant coloration from their diet which includes brine shrimp, algae, insects, and other small invertebrates.

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While visiting Gatorland's Flamingo Lagoon you may also view several different species of wild birds such as White Ibis, Grackals, Anhinga, Heron, Egrets, and Black Vultures. Several species of turtles as well as fish also call the Flamingo Lagoon home.

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