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Enter if you dare the realm of Jungle Crocs, home to some of the largest and most dangerous crocodiles on the planet! Hear the tale of the intrepid adventurer Owen Godwin as he scoured the world over for the baddest crocs in the land. Meet Sultan, the King of the Nile and his harem of lady crocs. Capable of reaching a length of 20 feet, Nile crocodiles such as Sultan are considered man-eaters, and are responsible for countless human deaths in their native land of Africa.

Just around the corner from Sultan are Dundee and Morton, our resident pair of Saltwater crocodiles, and their mates. Capable of reaching a length of over 20 feet, Saltwater crocodiles are also known man-eaters in their native Indo-Pacific region.

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Jungle crocs is also home to the only species of crocodile found in the United States, the American crocodile (crocdylus acutus). While this species of crocodile can reach a length of 20 feet, it is not considered to be a man-eater. Found only in the very southern part of Florida, fewer than 500 American crocs are thought to be in the U.S. wild today, although the species can also be found in Central and South America and surrounding areas.

While not as large as their neighbors, our pair of Cuban crocodiles, Lucy and Ricardo, are perhaps pound for pound the most dangerous crocodile in Jungle Crocs. Capable of leaping high out of the water to snatch unsuspecting prey, Cuban crocodiles are also extremely manueverable on land. Threatened with extinction in its native Cuba, fewer than 6,000 are thought to be left in the wild today.

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