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Located at the southern end of the park is Gatorland's Swamp Walk, a self guided tour through an unspoiled native Cypress Swamp. A raised wooden walkway snakes itself through the Cypress trees affording visitors a rare look back into what much of Central Florida looked like before people started draining the wetlands to build their farms and homesteads. Considered part of the headwaters of the Everglades, water from this Cypress Swamp flows south through the Kissimmee waterways into Lake Okeechobee, and ultimately, into the Everglades.

A completely natural attraction, Gatorland's Swamp Walk boasts no special enclosures or exotic wildlife, only those natural plants and animals that inhabit this unique ecosystem. Everything you view along your 15 minute walk is wild, from the occasional alligator, snake or turtle, to the birds and flowering swamp orchids. Only the occasional soft sounds of passing traffic from the nearby highway remind you that civilization is still just around the corner.

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From the late 1800's to the early 1930's, much of the Cypress Swamps in Florida were logged for their valuable lumber and turpentine. Due to the inaccesible conditions of the swamp, only the largest trees were usually taken.

As you wander through the Swamp Walk, you might notice some ancient cypress stumps, visible reminders of a bygone logging era in Florida's history.

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