Flight of the Hippogriff

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Learn the proper way to approach a Hippogriff, which has the head of a giant eagle and the body of a horse. Then you'll take off on a family-friendly coaster that spirals and dives around the pumpkin patch, and swoops past Hagrid's hut.

The Frog Family Experience

"This family-friendly roller coaster is perfect for Mommy Frog and Lily! Swooping turns that speed past Hagrid's Hut are even exciting enough to make Leap and Tad want to join in the fun."

Universal Express Plus

Rating - 4 Star

Location - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Restrictions - 36" or 0.91 meters minimum height

Duration - 3 minutes 0 seconds

Suitability - Outdoor, Thrill Rides

Ages -  4 thru 6 yrs, 7 yrs & up, 12 yrs & up, Family

Reviews Flight of the Hippogriff Reviews
Undercover Tourist - Editorial

Both the kids and yourself will enjoy this ride, with good views of the land, theming. It is a bit short but it is for the kids after all.

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Flight of the Hippogriff, Islands of Adventure®