Pirate's Dinner Adventure


The Pre-Show & Buffet - As a special guest of Princess Anita, you are invited to start off your evening with a bountiful appetizer buffet. Enjoy the King's assorted salads, tasty snacks, and special sauces. The festival buffet is prepared to whet the appetite of royalty and commoner alike. But, save room because there is a feast awaiting that can satisfy even the hungriest of pirates!


The Show - The evening continues with the swashbuckling, side-splitting, musical Pirate's Dinner Adventure Spectacular! This Broadway-quality show is presented on an enormous, fully-rigged pirate's galleon. The elaborate set provides the backdrop for action, romance, and comedy.

You, along with

the beautiful Princess Anita and her court, are hostages of a band of pirates led by the dastardly Sebastian the Black who will stop at nothing to plunder, pillage, and rob. Hang on, because there are rough seas ahead. The

Buccaneer Bash - There's nothing a dastardly pirate likes more than having a swaggering good-time celebration.

Conclude your evening by joining the crew at the Buccaneer Bash and party the night away. Even royalty joins the fun at the Buccaneer Bash!

Pirate's Dinner Adventure Reviews
Undercover Tourist - Editorial

The stunts and show (a bit too long) are ok, the food is ok. It is fun for your kids and is worth a visit if you have prefer pirates to the other dinner show themes available. There have been improvements all round recently.

Smith Family - Ormond Beach, Fl

In late May this year, my husband and I attended the Pirates dinner show. We are locals, and thought it would be an interesting attraction, since we have never attended any shows like this offered in the Orlando area. The pre-show hors d 'oeuvre were excellent quality, with many varied offerings. Meats, vegetables and pasta salad as well as fruit. There was a "just for kids" mini adventure. The pre-show entertainment was great, very engaging and lively. The call to the dinner room is by numbers, sort of like a cattle call, but the pirates that come to get their groups do a good job of keeping your attention. The main theatre is "in the round" with the pirate ship at the center. The show itself was wonderful, full of action and acrobats, stunts and singing. Audience participation is mandatory to enjoying the show. The main dinner was not altogether tasty, and the soft drink/beer rationing was not made clear until midway through dinner, and that was a bit irritating. However, the show was wonderful, and we enjoyed ourselves.

I went to the Pirate Dinner Show with my family in 2004. The waiting room is a little on the small side, but they have booths for you to look at while you pass the time away. Beware of being hassled! My friend and I were constantly followed and harrased by one of the employees. They have a prelude presentation in the waiting room before you are seated, but if you get stuck in the middle or behind the crowd you will not be able to hear or see what the actors are doing. The show was pretty good though. Lots of effects and funny punch lines. The costumes were fantastic as well. The food however was less than satisfactory. It was pretty bland and left a bad aftertaste. The Pirate Dinner Show may be a show you would want to see once. But, I would never go back again.


on 9/3/05 i reserved 2 tickets to the pirates dinner show for my wife and myself, to my surprise i witnessed waiters providing at least 3 pictures of coke to patrons in other rows as well as 2-3 servings of beer, my row got one pitcher of coke for 10 people and 1 serving of beer, we also witnessed wait staff making several inquiries to patrons in their area.our waitress made 2 passes, the food was excellent as was the show, the service was less than acceptable, i will advise any friends planning to dine at this establishment to stay away from section 6 blue or spend their money at medieval times or an alternative place other than pirates


We had the pleasure of Pirates adventure and dinner show. I thought the show was Much to loud and long. The food was o.k. but We were hasseled for large tips. The kids loved the show. Probably will not go again.


Just got back to the UK from our 1st trip to Orlando (3 adults and 2 children), our advice would be to avoid the Pirate Dinner Show, there are many other attractions to spend your valuable time at and also better places to have good food and a few drinks in a relaxed USA atmosphere. The food is very poor, drink seemed very watered down and the whole evening is only about 90 minutes with the show running, while you are served, hence you miss the main theme while eating. After paying over $125 for the tickets, we could not believe the "additional" charge that was expected to pay the waiters for their below average sevice. Our 2 boys were really looking forward to this evening and the youngest dressed-up as a Pirate.... they were very disappointed. with their closing remarks of "is that it?", still ringing in my ears...........to think we left a theme park ealry to attend. This is a very, very poor cousin to the show in Majorca, Spain.

Having been to the Pirates Show 5 years ago. I recently went back and they have improved it a lot. My kids enjoyed it, the food was ok, the show was lively. It is not on the same level of spectacle as Medieval Times (no horses etc), however it was well worth going to. My first choice would be Medieval Times but this is a good second. go to both!

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Pirate's Dinner Adventure
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Pirate's Dinner Adventure