Remember the monster under your bed? Well, it grew up! Kraken, the monster of all roller coasters, is the tallest, fastest, longest and only floorless roller coaster in Orlando.

It will take you to the heights of a 15-story building & turn you upside down seven times, all at speeds reaching 65 mph! Named after a legendary sea monster, Kraken is a massive, mythological underwater beast that's unleashed from the depths of the sea to take SeaWorld guests on the ride of their lives, lifting them higher, dropping them longer & spiraling them faster than any other coaster in Orlando.

Riders' feet dangle as they sit on open-air, pedestal-like seats with nothing around them except shoulder restraints. There's no one to hold on to, nothing in front of them & nothing below them, only sky above.


Rating - 4 Star

Restrictions - 54" or 1.37 meters minimum height

Duration - 3 minutes 30 seconds

Suitability - Outdoor, Thrill Rides

Ages -  12 yrs & up

Reviews Kraken Reviews
Undercover Tourist - Editorial

Very good, very scary.


I love this ride, by the look of it I was afraid to go on and when I saw that long drop in front of me my heart nearly dropped but at the end it felt absolutely awesome. For only having three rides they made Kraken and Journey to Atlantis the best rides anywhere in Florida.

Neil Holland

I felt that the Kraken, was one of the most thrilling roller coaster rides in any of the major parks.

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