The Blast


Wet 'n Wild®

Introducing Wet 'n Wild's raging new tube ride that will soak you to the core. This is no ordinary water ride - it's The Blast.

Blasting water thrills, colorful icons and fun sound effects will stimulate your senses around the many twists and turns, explosive pipe bursts and drenching waterspouts that lead up to a final waterfall plunge.


Rating - 4 Star

Restrictions - 36" or 0.91 meters minimum height

Suitability - Mild but Wild Rides, Outdoor, Water Rides

Ages -  4 thru 6 yrs, 7 yrs & up, 12 yrs & up

Reviews The Blast Reviews
Undercover Tourist - Editorial

Pretty cool use of sound.

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The Blast, Wet 'n Wild® Orlando