Magic Kingdom: A Disney Day Out in Photos

by Leap
We hope you find these simple 'comic strips' useful in preparation for your trip. A little something to enhance your trip and aid in it's planning.

Driving & Parking - driving dilemmas & parking puzzlers...

1. Follow the purple signs to the Magic Kingdom entrance. 2. Pay the attendant.
(Save your receipt should you decide to go to another park.)
3. Follow the signs to the parking lot.
(Cast Members are there to point the way!)


4. Hop on the tram that will take you to the Ferry dock and Monorail station.
(Remember where you parked with our iPhone & Android apps.)
5. Take the Monorail or Ferry to the park entrance. 6. Exit the Monorail or Ferry and proceed to bag inspection.
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Entering the Park - getting through the gates... Disney style.

1. Be prepared for bag inspection.
(Open your bag on the way to the line!)
2. Inspectors work quickly
(Line up on both sides of the inspection table.)
3. Move toward the turnstiles.
(Arrive early! Lines get long after rope-drop.)
4. Insert your ticket, press your finger on the scanner AND HAVE FUN!
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FASTPASS - the FASTPASS funnies...

1. Go to the attraction with the FASTPASS option. 2. Insert your ticket into the FASTPASS machine 3. Receive your FASTPASS with the indicated return time. 4. Return to the attraction within the given time frame.
(Did you remember to get your next FASTPASS?)
5. Give your FASTPASS to the Cast Member & enjoy the attraction!
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Stroller Rental - the saga of the stroller rental...

1. Go to Stroller Rental located near the park entrance. 2. Arrive early!
(There may be long lines.)
3. Choose a one or two-seat stroller.


4. Park your stroller in the Stroller Parking sections outside each attraction. 5. Donít worry! Your stroller is safe with the attending Cast Member.
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Exiting the Park - leaving the magic :(

1. Wipe away the "crocodile tears" as you exit the park. 2. Hop on the Monorail or the Ferry. 3. Exit toward the Trams.


4. Youíre in luck!
(There are restrooms before you get to the parking lot.)
5. Hop on the Tram to the parking lot.
(Did you remember which parking lot character with our iPhone or Android app?)
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