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Alice in Wonderland Wildflower T-Shirt Project

by Crafty Staci on April 7, 2015

Since it's Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival time again, I'm here with a Disney craft based on an old favorite, Alice in Wonderland. You remember her conversation with the uppity flowers don't you? One of them asks what kind of garden she comes from, and Alice says she doesn't come from any garden. The flower replies with the perfect line to put on a shirt and wear to the festival!

To make the Alice in Wonderland wildflower T-shirt, you'll need a cotton T-shirt (the kind from a craft store work best), freezer paper, printer paper, a permanent black marker and crayons. Because it takes a light touch to color on the shirt, I'd recommend this for older kids.

Alice in Wonderland Wildflower T-Shirt Project

Wash and dry the T-shirt. Print the design on regular printer paper. Cut a piece of the freezer paper at least a couple of inches larger than the design on all sides.

Using a dry iron, press the waxy side of the freezer paper to the inside of the shirt, under the area where you'll want the design. The paper will stabilize the shirt for coloring and prevents the marker and crayon from bleeding through to the back. Tape the design to the back of the freezer paper so it faces the front.

Alice in Wonderland Wildflower T-Shirt Project

You'll need to be able to see through the shirt, so either hang it in a window by taping the hanger to the glass or lay it on a glass-top table with a light underneath. Trace over all the outlines with a marker, either fine or regular tip, depending on the look you prefer. I used a regular tip. Use a light touch so you don't pull the paper loose. When you're finished tracing, iron the paper on again to reattach any spots that pulled up.

Alice in Wonderland Wildflower T-Shirt Project

Lay the shirt down on a hard surface. Color the design in with crayons. Make sure the crayon is sharp for any corners or small areas.A feathery, single direction stroke is best to prevent pulling on the shirt.  You can build up layers of color as needed.  I made mine with an ombre look by slightly overlapping and layering different colors.

Alice in Wonderland Wildflower T-Shirt project

When you've filled in all the color, lay the shirt on an ironing board, color side up. Place a piece of blank printer paper over the top of the design and iron with a dry iron. Make sure the paper doesn't shift.  he paper will absorb some color. Repeat with a fresh piece of paper until no more color comes off.

Alice in Wonderland Wildflower T-Shirt Project

You can repeat the coloring and ironing process until you are happy with the color. Mine has two layers. You can also replace the freezer paper if it stops sticking to the shirt.

Wash the shirt in cool water on a gentle cycle and line dry to keep the color vivid longer. If it fades you can repeat the coloring process.

Alice in Wonderland Wildflower T-Shirt Project

You'll be the wildest flower at this year's Flower & Garden Festival, which runs through May 17 at Epcot! Know someone who loves Alice? Be sure to share this T-shirt project or make it with him or her! 

Staci has been sewing and crafting for as long as she can remember.  If there’s a technique she hasn’t tried, it’s probably on her wish list.  At her blog, Crafty Staci, she shares beginner-friendly craft and sewing tutorials, simple recipes and her successful, and sometimes not-so-successful, attempts at expressing her own creativity. In addition to her blog, you can find Staci at FacebookPinterestTwitter and Instagram.

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