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Countdown to Disney…Ways to Get “Hopped Up” for Your Orlando Vacation

by Tad on September 28, 2010 1

After the initial madness that occurs after Mommy and my dad, Leap, announce our next trip to Orlando, Lily and I get busy with our own preparations. Since we don't have to buy the tickets, reserve our hotel room, ask for time off from work and all the rest of that adult stuff, we have our own “To-Do” list...kid-style.

Below are some fun activities and helpful tips that get us “hopped up” for our vacation without driving our parents crazy.

  • Make up your own theme park bingo games, word searches and word scrambles.
  • Start a vacation journal. You can make a list of things you are looking forward to before your trip; keep a daily journal during your trip; and write about things you liked or didn't like for your next trip. Journals make great keepsakes and are fun to look back on when you're older.
  • Watch your favorite Disney movies. You can stick with the classics like 101 Dalmations, Robin Hood or The Rescuers Down Under or watch newer ones like Toy Story 3 and Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I bet you'd never guess the Frog Family's favorite...THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG!
  • Make a countdown calendar so you'll know exactly how many days are left before your trip.
  • Watch POV ride videos on Undercover Tourist's YouTube channel to see what's in store.
  • Help your parents with planning using Undercover Tourist's apps or by checking out the touring plans. These Frog TOURs will save lots of time and help your family make the most of each day at the parks. Plus, it's nice to have an idea of what's in store.
  • With your parents' permission and help, decorate your lily pad (or car for my human friends). Maybe you'll pass other travelers on your way to Orlando.
  • Plan a themed Bon Voyage! Dinner. A Beauty & the Beast feast is a great way to really get in the mood. This also is a good opportunity to talk with your family about theme park safety.
  • Put together a road-trip survival kit. Ask your parents to print Disney coloring pages and travel bingo games from the web. Don't forget your favorite pillow and blanket to make the ride even more comfortable.
  • Theme parks require lots of energy, so make sure you get lots of rest before your vacation. You certainly want to be able to LEAP around the parks, don't you?

Stay Cool!

Keep hopping, Tad!
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