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Our Top 10 Disneyland Churros And Where to Find Them

by Mommy Frog on June 6, 2023 2 Los Angeles

Disneyland Churros - PinterestFor some people, a visit to Disneyland Resort is not complete without a churro. Whether you are a diehard classic cinnamon sugar churro fan or someone who seeks out the most creative churros in the park, here’s our Disney churro chow-down guide.

Top Disneyland Churros Available Every Day of the Year

Did you realize there's National Churro Day exists? It’s on June 6! But we think every Disney day is a good day for a churro.

Here are the locations where you can find the best churros (and churro-like treats) that are available year-round at Disneyland Resort:

Churro — All Churro Carts 

A basic cinnamon sugar churro is pretty hard to top, even though Disneyland does top it with all kinds of flavors, drizzles and chunks of sweet or savory toppings (as you'll see below). All churro carts sell this original classic churro, which is one of the best Disneyland snacks.

Our Top 10 Disneyland Churros And Where to Find Them - Senor Buzz Churros

Cinnamon Super Galaxy Churro — Señor Buzz Churros

The Super Cinnamon Super Galaxy Churro is a traditional churro bounding as Buzz Lightyear with purple, green and sparkly sugars. Señor Buzz Churros also sells the Caliente Churro, with red cinnamon year-round. (But it's really not caliente. It's sweeter.)

Sweet Spiral Ration — Terran Treats

Our Top 10 Disneyland Churros - Raspberry spiral ration

In Avengers Campus, the Collector wants to attract Earthlings, known as Terrans, to his collection with a food stand. What do Terrans like to eat? Churros — but there's a literal spin on this spiraled treat. The flavor varies seasonally, usually sticking around a year or so. The current Sweet Spiral Ration is raspberry (the last one was pineapple).

Our Top 10 Disneyland Churros - Churro toffeeChurro Toffee — Candy Shops

The churro toffee has no actual churro in it, but it has won our hearts. It's fresh toffee dipped in white chocolate and rolled in cinnamon sugar. It's about the most addicting food at Disneyland, and there is no way I can talk about churros without mentioning the churro toffee. You can find it at any of the candy shops in either park or Downtown Disney. If you can't eat gluten or wheat, this is your closest option to trying a churro (however, if you are highly sensitive to cross-contamination, it is sold from a case with other items that have gluten in them).

Top Seasonal Disneyland Churros This Summer at Disneyland Park

You can enjoy the following churros now through Aug. 31, 2023, (except where noted) at Disneyland Resort. It's a perfectly sweet summer treat! A classic churro is always my number one type of churro, but here are our top choices if you want to change it up.

Three of the churros on our top 10 list can be found in Disneyland Park. Some are returning favorites and others are brand-new! Here's where to find them and their accompanying sauces (because sometimes the dip is where it's at!). All of these are in town for the summer through Aug. 31, 2023. After that, the Halloween Time churros and treats will move in!

Our Top 10 Disneyland Churros - Chai and pineapple churros

“it’s a small world” Churro Cart 

  • (New) Powdered Sugar Churro
  • (New) Guava-Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce

Tomorrowland Churro Cart

  • (New) Chai-spiced Churro with Coffee Cream rolled in chai-spiced sugar and served with a coffee cream
  • (New) Coffee Cream Dipping Sauce

Sleeping Beauty Castle Churro Cart

  • Pineapple Churro with pineapple-flavored sugar
  • (New) Sweet Pineapple Dipping Sauce: Pineapple-flavored cream cheese with wafer crumbles topped with a cherry

Our Top 10 Disneyland Churros And Where to Find Them-April-December ChurroAny pineapple Dole Whip and churro fans? A pineapple churro might hit the spot. You can also find a new tropical churro with pineapple sugar topped with a coconut cream drizzle at Town Square Churro Cart.

Haunted Mansion Churro Cart

  • (New) April-December Churro — A new churro dropped midsummer for the "Haunted Mansion" movie. It's a play on the April-December portrait that you see aging in front of your eyes before you board the Doom Buggy on the Haunted Mansion ride. Two halves of a churro sit side by side, drizzled in donut frosting. One has pink strawberry sugar and fresh strawberries (representing the plump springtime of life). The other is a purple cherry sugar churro topped with freeze-dried strawberries (representing the aged wintry withered end of life). As dark as the theme is, we really enjoyed this churro. It's around while supplies last.

Top Seasonal Disneyland Churros at Disney California Adventure Park

Our Top 10 Disneyland Churros And Where to Find Them - Chocolate Hazelnut Churro


The other three all-new churros on our top 10 list can be found in Disney California Adventure Park. Most of these are available through Aug. 31, 2023.

Cozy Cone Motel — Cozy Cone 1 (Mobile order available)

  • (New) Chocolate-Hazelnut Strawberry Churro tossed in cinnamon sugar with chocolate-hazelnut spread and freeze-dried strawberries (This is a Frog family favorite!)

Our Top 10 Disneyland Churros And Where to Find Them - S'mores Churro

Goofy’s Sky School Churro Cart

  • (New) S’mores Churro rolled in graham cracker sugar, topped with marshmallow crème and chocolate pieces (Another Frog family favorite — we watched the line at this churro stand for quite a while, and this is the only churro we saw people buying. Yum!)

Our Top 10 Disneyland Churros - Cosmic Churro

Terran Treats 

  • (New) Cosmic Disturbance Churro made with freeze-dried Skittles bite-sized candies, popping candy and blue curaçao-flavored drizzle

Be sure to hop back around Halloween Time, Holiday Time, Lunar New Year or springtime for the Food & Wine Festival to see some of the seasonal churros you need to try.

Do you have a favorite churro past or present? Share it in the comments sections below. If you want some more churro spending money in your pocket, save some money on park tickets when you purchase discount Disneyland tickets with Undercover Tourist. 

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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Jan 25, 2024 at 2:52 p.m. Jeneffery Says...

what is the number 1 churro???? I am confused.

Also yumm.

Jan 31, 2024 at 2:13 p.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Jeneffery!

Our Top 10 churros aren't listed in any particular order :)

Hoppy planning!

Mommy Frog

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