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Frog Family 2011 New Year’s Resolutions...UPDATE!!!

by FrogBlog on December 31, 2011 Orlando

Before the Frog Family sits down to write our New Year's Resolutions for 2012, we thought it would be a good idea to see how we did on last year's list. While we had lots of fun accomplishing most of them; some weren't so easy...read on.


1. Take the family to Orlando more often to practice my planning and time-saving skills.

Status: RESOLVED. Using research conducted during these trips plus data from Undercover Tourist’s apps, I created Leap’s Crowd Calendar…check it out! You can see pictures from Frog Family trips on our Facebook page.

2. Do all the chores on my “froggy-do” list…and do them with a smile!

Status: IMPROVING. I’m pretty good at keeping up with my chores, but the “smiling” part of this resolution is going back on the list for 2012.

3. Hop at least 2 miles a day so my wife stops teasing me about my skinny frog legs.

Status: FAILED. Mommy Frog didn’t buy my rationale that the near-marathons we walk during our Disney vacations somehow canceled out the need for daily exercise.

Mommy Frog

1. Tighten the Frog Family budget and find even more ways to save money while we’re on vacation.

Status: RESOLVED & ONGOING. From listing my Top 9 Money-Saving Dining Tips (blog) to crunching the numbers after each Frog Family Trip to the Parks, I feel pretty good about my budgeting during 2011. This is one of those that I’ll continue to do through 2012 as well.

2. Limit my French fly treats to once a week.

Status: RESOLVED. Next up, limit my intake of diet Coke. (That’s going to be even tougher than the French flies.)

3. Stop teasing my husband, Leap, about his skinny frog legs.

Status: EPIC FAIL. But in my defense, if he’d succeeded in his resolution to walk more, I wouldn’t have had to keep teasing him.


1. Video all the FASTPASS attractions for our YouTube channel.

Status: RESOLVED. With 305 HD videos and 3.8 million views, it was a great year for Undercover Tourist's YouTube channel. Stay tuned for even more video fun during 2012!

2. Stop tripping Lily when she’s playing hopscotch.

Status: RESOLVED...but only because she doesn’t play it anymore.

3. Design games & activities to play while I’m waiting for my next trip to the theme parks.

Status: RESOLVED & ONGOING. We finished our Disney World Ride Videos app for Android, which is a great way to pass the time until your next Disney trip. I’m currently working with my parents on some VERY exciting additions to our Facebook page. (Click "Like" to stay connected.)


1. Review at least two restaurants in each theme park. (Oh, like that’ll be hard…you know me, I love to eat!)

Status: RESOLVED. Check out My 8 Favorite Counter Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World (blog) and my blog about dining with the Characters, Character Dining at the Theme Parks…At a Glance.

2. Research more ways to help my fellow tadpoles and their parents with Orlando vacation planning.

Status: RESOLVED. Sharing my ideas on the Frog Blog was a highlight of my year. I especially enjoyed working with Mommy Frog to write Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Kids (blog) and Top 10 DON’Ts for Getting Lost at Theme Parks (blog).

3. Stop interrupting my brother Tad when he’s going on and on about his great videos.

Status: FAILED. I’m terrible about interrupting, period. I have lots to talk about, what can I say?

Here’s to a fun-filled 2012!

Happy New Year from the entire Frog Family,

…Leap, Mommy Frog, Tad and Lily

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