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Preparing for the Theme Parks, By Leap

by FrogBlog on December 20, 2010 Orlando

There's more to planning your theme park vacation than just purchasing tickets and making hotel reservations. Here are some pre-trip tips to help with everything from preventing sore legs to recovering from a mid-day meltdown. Trust us...a little planning goes a long way!

Get hoppin'...We calculated how far we walked each day during our last trip to Orlando and, no kidding, we logged about 8 miles a day. We're not suggesting walking 8 miles every day before your trip, but it's a good idea to get those legs in shape before you try to hop through the parks from sun up to sundown.

Break in your shoes...The Frog Family recommends sneakers for your trip and would also discourage buying new ones that you'll wear the first time when you get there. Whatever footwear you choose make sure they are broken in and don't cause blisters after lots of walking.

Gauge how long your kids can go before needing a break...Mommy Frog and I are as optimistic as the next frogs, but we are realistic about how long we can expect Tad and Lily to last. Before your trip, take mental notes of your child's energy patterns so you'll know how to plan your days at the parks.

To stroll or not to stroll...Even after Lily stopped using a stroller at home, she loved being chauffeured around the parks. It's worth considering a stroller even for the little ones who don't use one anymore. Their little frog legs will last longer, and you’ll have a much easier time keeping everyone together.

Choose clothing carefully...Pick clothes you know will be comfortable for the whole day. It's not the time to pull the tags off untested shoes and clothing. The Frog Family also wears the same color shirts each day. Here are some other safety strategies.

Communicate...Talk about your expectations for the trip and get everyone involved in the planning so you don't unknowingly skip something that one person in your group really wanted to do. Who knew Tad had his heart set on “auditioning” for The American Idol Experience?

Take day trips...Even the closest families don't spend as much together-time as they do when they're on vacation. Take a few day trips to get used to traveling together. This is also a great opportunity to see how much the little ones can handle before they need a break.

Meltdown Prevention and Recovery Plan...It sounds simplistic, but it's VERY important to be able to bounce back after a meltdown in the park. Before we had a “recovery plan,” Mommy Frog, the kids and I would waste 15 minutes pouting. Now, if someone throws a fit (including me), that person apologizes, we all take a deep breath, have a quick group hug and MOVE ON! Curious what caused some of those meltdowns? Read our Biggest Meltdown Moments (blog) here.

Happy Traveling!


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