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Safety Strategies: Lily’s Lessons, Vol. 1

by Lily on October 4, 2010
A few years ago when I still a teeny Frog, I didn't have to worry about safety stuff on family vacations. I was still young enough to cruise around in my stroller. Mommy always kept me buckled in unless I was on a ride or eating lunch so I wouldn't hop away. But those days are long more personal chauffeur and no more leaving all the safety issues up to my parents.

Before each trip to Orlando, we all sit down for one of our famous Frog Family meetings to discuss our safety plan. Here are some of the things that help keep me and Tad safe inside the parks:

  • Mommy writes my name, her and my dad's names and our resort name and telephone number on a card and safety pins it to the inside of one of my pockets.
  • We all dress in the same color each day of our trip. When everyone in the group is wearing the same bright color, it's easy to spot one of us if someone wanders a few feet away. (Of course, the Frog Family's favorite color to wear is green!)
  • My dad, Leap, takes a picture of me and Tad on his iPhone each morning before we enter the park. That way if one of us gets lost, he has a recent picture of us with what we are wearing that day.
  • Sometimes Mommy and I go to Fantasyland while my Dad and Tad are doing boy stuff in Frontierland. When we split up into groups, my parents use the Find a Friend feature on the Undercover Tourist iPhone app. We always pick a meeting place as a back-up plan that is easy to find.
  • If you like the fireworks shows as much as I do, your family will be in the parks at night. Ask your parents to buy glow stick necklaces for everyone to wear. They are super cool, plus they really help you keep track of your parents.
  • If you do get lost, find a Disney Cast Member and tell them what happened. They are really helpful and will help you find your parents. Disney Cast Members wear uniforms with name tags, so when you get to the parks each morning ask your parents to point them out to you.
  • Know where the First Aid Centers are located. Last year Tad fell and scraped his knee and we spent valuable fun time finding the nearest first aid station.
  • I'm still young enough to hold hands with my parents. Tad thinks he's too “mature” to still have to do that, but it really is the easiest way to keep everyone together in a big crowd.
  • My last tip has to do with ride safety. I'm still too small for some of the attractions, but my dad can easily check the height and size requirements for each attraction on Undercover Tourist's apps. As much as I beg to go on Space Mountain, the app reminds my parents that I'm still too short. Maybe next year.

I hope these tips help you and your family stay safe on your next trip to Orlando.

Be sure to read my Top 10 DON'Ts for Getting Lost at Theme Parks, too!

Keep hopping, Lily!

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Sort newest to oldest Sort oldest to newest Apr 18, 2011 at 3:12 p.m.

Safety strategies lilys lessons vol 1 2.. Amazing :)

Reply Apr 22, 2011 at 8:34 a.m.

Safety strategies lilys lessons vol 1 2.. He-he-he :)

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