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Walt Disney World® Resort Gate Price Increase

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Walt Disney World® will increase select theme park ticket gate prices on Dec. 8.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

A Visitor's Guide to Pandora — The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom

by Leap on October 5, 2022 13 Orlando

Summary Kaltxì, interplanetary adventurers! There's no doubt that you're here because you're preparing to travel across the stars to visit Pandora — The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom. This is a land full of adventure, nature and beauty that still draws many visitors who are looking to experience...

Our Top Spots for Cheap Food at Disney World

by Mommy Frog on September 14, 2022 16 Orlando   Video

As a frog family of four, we understand how food costs at the Disney parks can quickly add up. Fortunately, we’ve figured out many ways to eat on a budget, such as packing our own snacks and eating breakfast in our hotel room. But sometimes we don’t want to hassle...

A ~Ribbeting~ Roundup of the D23 Expo 2022 Disney Parks Presentation

by Mommy Frog on September 12, 2022 Los Angeles

Summary On Sunday, Sept. 11, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D'Amaro took the stage at D23 Expo 2022 for the "A Boundless Future: Disney Parks, Experiences and Products" presentation. D'Amaro spent almost two hours breaking some incredibly exciting news regarding what frogs can expect at Disney parks and...

Your Royally Good Guide to Finding Princesses at Disney World

by Mommy Frog on August 22, 2022 Orlando   Video

When you think of Disney, it's hard not to picture the many princesses and their classic stories. I remember Lily's "Frozen" phase vividly (I'm partial to Tiana myself — who doesn't love a good frog story?). From classics such as Cinderella and Snow White to newcomers such as Moana and...

Your Foodie Guide to Disney World's 50th Anniversary Celebration (Including Our Faves!)

by Mommy Frog on August 10, 2022 Orlando

Disney always amazes me with its creative food options, but I am really blown out of the pond with all of the specialty food and drink for Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration! With over a hundred new items and more being added all the time, you'll need multiple visits to...

What to Do on a Rainy Day at Disney World

by Mommy Frog on August 9, 2022 Orlando   Video

Summary We understand that an essential part of planning any vacation is checking out the weather at your destination. Disney World is smack dab in the middle of Florida, which is known for its sunny weather year-round. However, it’s important to be aware that Florida’s main rainy season hoppens over...

Ranking the Best Queues at Disney World

by Tad on July 8, 2022 Orlando

Sup'? Tad here. As the resident videographer of the Frog Family, I've helped capture footage of the many fantastic attractions at Walt Disney World (you can check all my vids on our YouTube channel!). But the real storytelling begins in the queue. The attention-to-detail is quite incredible — the Disney...

The Expert Guide to Disney's Animal Kingdom Transportation

by Leap on July 6, 2022 11 Orlando

Disney's Animal Kingdom has a variety of really fun transportation vehicles ... a time rover, a safari truck and everything in between as you explore through jungle landscapes, river rapids and tropical trails. We just can't get enough! Luckily for our frog legs, Disney's Animal Kingdom complimentary transportation makes getting...

Spectacular Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July at Disney World

U-S-A! U-S-A! The Fourth of July is a Frog Family favorite. Around our frog pond, we put up an American flag, break out the hot dogs (mustard, no ketchup) and are treated to Leap's backyard fireworks display (all of which are purchased and shot legally, of course). As fine as...

Our Favorite Ways to Beat the Heat at Disney World

by Mommy Frog on June 21, 2022 8 Orlando

With tadpoles out of school, many frog families tend to plan Disney trips during their summer vacations. Orlando is located in the middle of Florida, which has a warm, subtropical climate year-round. Although the heat is at its highest over the summer months, it can get hot year-round. Never fear:...

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