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Planning for Disney World in May

by Leap on April 30, 2013
Planning for Disney World in May

For those of you looking to escape full-blown summer crowds at the Orlando theme parks, the answer is May. Disney World in May still sees its share of crowds around the holiday and on weekends, but the rest of the month sees lower crowd levels. Not September lower crowd levels,...

Weekend Fun Forecast (May 4 thru May 6)

by FrogBlog on May 3, 2012
Weekend Fun Forecast (May 4 thru May 6)

Crowd Levels...At a Glance Click for more information. What to Do...From parade guides to the best places to meet Mickey Mouse, the 'What to Do' page on is packed with tips and tools to make your trip even better. Check it out here. How's the weather? Mostly sunny skies...

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