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Is the Orlando FlexTicket the Best Ticket for Your Family?

by Leap on April 28, 2015
Is the Orlando FlexTicket the Best Ticket for Your Family?

We get a ton of questions from families who are trying to decide which Universal Orlando ticket is right for them. Today we're here to talk about a couple of lesser-known options that can be a great savings if you're planning on longer visits to the Universal Orlando® Resort and...

Weekend Fun Forecast (June 24 thru 26)

by FrogBlog on June 23, 2011
Weekend Fun Forecast (June 24 thru 26)

Scattered thunderstorms are expected all weekend in Orlando. When it’s not raining, it will be VERY hot with daytime temperatures reaching the low to mid 90s. [Tips to make the most of a drizzly theme park trip] Remember to stay hydrated during long days at the theme parks! Click here...

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