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'Twas the Night Before Vacation, by Leap

by FrogBlog on December 21, 2010

'Twas the night before vacation, when all through the pond

I heard what sounded like “To infinity and beyond..”

The tickets were packed in our suitcase with care,

Orlando, here we come...tomorrow we'll be there.

Tad and Lily were snug in their beds

With visions of Disney dancing through their heads.

With Mommy in her nightgown, and me in my flannels

Just a few more hours to flip through the channels.

When out past the lilypad arose such a splash

I sprang from my recliner, but all I saw was a flash.

Out the front door, past the cattails and moss

I was so confused, quite simply at a loss.

When what to my big blue eyes should appear

A spaceship driven by who else but Buzz Lightyear!

He opened the door and out they all came,

Our pals from the parks whom we all know by name.

There was Snow White and Minnie and their pal Cinderella;

Goofy and Pluto and their villain Cruella.

Then came Tigger and Eeyore and Donald and Daisy,

If I don't take pictures, people will think that I'm crazy.

Buzz said, “Don't worry, Leap, just round up the fam.

If we want to be there for rope-drop, we've got to scram.”

Since we're always prepared and ready to go

we hopped on the spaceship, our faces aglow.

“What's wrong Mommy Frog? What's all the hassle?

There's no need to worry, we're off to the Castle!”

The children were silent, not sure they weren't dreaming.

But when they looked out the window, they both started gleaming.

There it was, the most magical place

We just never thought we'd see it from space.

Maybe it's magic, this ride on this ship...but,

Happy Holidays to all, we wish you a good trip!

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