Praise for the 2020 VIP Event

"We were able to get on rides with almost no wait time. Being able to ride what we wanted numerous times was wonderful. The unlimited meals were great also. We did not overeat, but it gave us a chance to try foods that we had never had (i.e. smoked turkey leg). Everyone that we encountered with the event was extremely nice. The check-in process went flawless for us. We were able to take advantage of the early access time. Knowing that the money we paid is going to charity is one of the factors that motivated us to travel from Georgia to Orlando to participate."

"The limited number of tickets made it an incredibly enjoyable experience. The wait times were less than anticipated. The free food and drinks allowed us to try things in the park I had been curious about on previous visits."

"I love that it was not crowded and we didn't have to worry about food and drinks. The event staff was there to answer any questions and made navigating the park easy and stress free."

"Great job all around. I had heard it was your companies first event and I wasn't sure how it would turn out. You knocked it out of the park!"

"I thought the event was amazing. Family friendly and very organized."

"I would definitely book this event again. Please consider having another one."

VIP Fun Fest frog family VIP Fun Fest castle