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Please know we will take care of you if your plans are impacted by hurricane ian. Our trusted partners have emergency policies in place and we are working with impacted customers as quickly as we can. For fastest response time, please use our online chat or email us at If your travel plans are more than 7 days out, please wait to contact us. For a list of current closures due to the hurricane, please see our blog.


Make the dream of flight a reality for the whole family without ever having to jump from a plane! Experience the thrill as you’re gently lifted off your feet while the chamber fills with rushing wind, hover above the ground, spin through the air, and feel the sensation of skydiving before touching back down on solid ground. Then, catch your breath and do it all over again! iFLY indoor sky diving facilities have state-of-the-art Vertical Wind Tunnels where iFLY's world-class instructors will train you on the basics of indoor skydiving. No parachute needed and toadally safe. The thrill of flying in a high-speed wind tunnel is an unforgettable sensation that will leave everyone ribbiting for more! So hop on to find a tunnel near you!

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