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Las Vegas

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Cheers! Nevada

1327 S Main St Las Vegas, NV 89104

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Leap into a personalized adventure through Las Vegas with Cheers! Nevada, which offers unique tours and interactive experiences that can be customized for a private and tailored exploration of Southern Nevada.

Craft Beer Masterclass is a curated experience in collaboration with the esteemed HUDL Brewing Company. Guided by a Brewmaster, delve into the art and science of beer-making—from conceiving a recipe to savoring award-winning brews. The immersive tour grants exclusive access to the inner workings of a Las Vegas Arts District brewery, unraveling the complexities behind every pint. Beyond the brewhouse, the masterclass offers an enticing array of features, including unlimited beer tastings, a specially curated meal by celebrity chef Bruce Kalman, and a Brewers Tasting Journal for personalized beer analysis. After the session, feel free to hop around the Arts District, exploring craft breweries, art galleries, antique malls, street murals, and cocktail bars. This masterclass promises not only a newfound appreciation for craft beer craftsmanship but also an unfrogettable and enriching foray into the heart of Las Vegas's vibrant cultural scene.

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