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/New York City /New York Yankees /Milwaukee Brewers at New York Yankees on 09/10/23 at 1:35 PM
Sunday, Sep 10 1:35 p.m.

Milwaukee Brewersvs.
New York Yankees

Sunday, Sep 10 - 1:35 p.m.
Milwaukee Brewersvs.New York Yankees

Nothing says "New York, New York" like a visit to Yankee Stadium, home of the 27-time World Champions, the New York Yankees. The first time you walk into Yankee Stadium you'll remember it, and the first time you see a walk-off, you'll never froget it.

Whether taking in the storied history at Monument Park or catching the baseball action on New York's biggest stage, a trip to Yankee Stadium is an experience for the whole frog family.

Just a 25-minute subway or taxi ride away from Midtown Manhattan, Yankee Stadium is the perfect place to hop over and enjoy the baseball action, passion, and excitement on your trip to the Big Apple!

General Map

Seating Levels
Seats are available in the following seating levels; prices vary within the seating levels by game date and time.

  • Grandstand Level Seating: These seats are the best value and are located on the highest tier of the upper level. These seats are above the Terrace Level.
  • Terrace Level Seating: These seats are on the lower tier of the upper level. They are closer to the action than the Grandstand Level.
  • Main Level Seating: These seats are located on the second tier of seating. They are higher up than the Field Level, but not much further back.
  • Field Level Seating: These seats are the closest to the action! The higher rows are covered by the overhand of the Main Level.

Seats are available in the following levels; prices vary within the ranges by game date and time.

  • Grandstand Level Seating: $16 - $37 (vs. Gate Price: $22-$43)
  • Terrace Level Seating: $16 - $37 (vs. Gate Price: $31-$53)
  • Main Level Seating $48 - $70 (vs. Gate Price: $52-$74)
  • Field Level Seating: $70 - $199 (vs. Gate Price: $84-$295)

Please Note

Please note that protective netting is located between Section 011 on the 1st base/right field side of Yankee Stadium and continues to Section 029 on the 3rd base/left field side of Yankee Stadium. The height of the netting varies throughout Yankee Stadium.

Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions of your ticket and policies applicable to use are updated to address COVID-19, health & safety, and may include requirements for seating pods. By purchasing a New York Yankees ticket, you accept these Terms and Conditions and policies applicable to use.

*Offer valid for select, non-premium seating areas. Offer is online only, for a limited time only, subject to availability, has no cash value, is not valid on previously purchased tickets, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.

Time, opponent, date and team rosters and lineups, including the Yankees' roster and lineup, are subject to change.

When purchasing tickets or ticket plans on and associated websites, you are limited to a specified number of tickets or ticket plans for each event (also known as a "ticket limit"). The Yankees reserve the right to cancel any or all orders and tickets/ticket plans without notice to you if you exceed the posted limits. This includes orders associated with the same name, e-mail address, billing address, credit card number or other information.

The number of innings in a regulation game shall be determined by MLB and may be shortened in accordance with MLB rules.