Skip the Lines with Tips, Apps & REAL Tickets

by Leap

Why wait in long lines at the park entrance or rides?
1) Tips, 2) Apps & 3) REAL tickets (not vouchers)

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Tips - when to arrive & which ride next?
a) Arrive at the Theme Park early.
    Which park today?
b) Visit the biggest/popular attractions (with shortest durations) earlier.
We have a popular Frog TOUR.
c) Leave the park early afternoon, relax at your hotel. Re-enter the park in the evening, as the tired families are leaving!

2. Apps - what is the wait time at my favorite attraction?

3. REAL Tickets - straight through the gate and onto the rides!
a) Order your discounted tickets with free shipping & taxes included b) Straight through the gate and onto the rides c) The nicest refund policy with honest customer service

Plan your visit...