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Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures

4670 Polaris Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89103

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Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures has a jumpin' selection of tours for thrill-seeking visitors. Their ATVRAZOR Off-Road Tour to Colorado River offers a croak-worthy adventure, with a bumpy ride through the desert terrain that leads to the Colorado River. The Las Vegas Dunes 2 Hour ATV Tour allows guests to leap over the sand dunes of the Mojave Desert while enjoying stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Speaking of the Mojave Desert, the Mojave Desert ATV Tour is a toadally awesome way to explore this unique ecosystem while experiencing an exciting off-road ride.

For froggies who love the sound of engines revving and the smell of gasoline, the Off-Road Racing Experience is sure to get your heart racing. Guests can hop into a race truck and speed around a dirt track with the guidance of a professional driver. And if you prefer a more tranquil activity, the Willow Beach Kayaking Tour is a great way to paddle along the Colorado River and take in the scenic views of the surrounding rock formations and wildlife. So, if you're looking for some unfrogettable fun in Las Vegas, these tours are definitely worth checking out!

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