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Universal Orlando Base Ticket Option

The Universal Base Ticket is the Universal Orlando Resort base ticket option. It allows you to visit one of the following theme parks per day:

You can leave and return to the same park on the same day. You can choose a Universal Base Ticket with or without Universal’s Volcano Bay water park. If you’d like to visit the water park, you must select a ticket that says “with Volcano Bay Water Park." You'll need the Park-to-Park ticket to hop between parks on the same day and to ride the Hogwarts™ Express.

Is the Universal Orlando Base Ticket Right for Me?

The Universal Orlando Base Tickets are the least expensive option. With Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure right next to each other, we think it’s generally worth it to purchase Park-to-Park tickets.

The Universal Orlando Base Ticket is a good choice if ...

The Universal Orlando Base Ticket is a good choice if ...

  • You want to save the most money possible:
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    If it's strictly a financial decision, this is the cheapest Universal ticket option.
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  • You don’t mind missing out on the Hogwarts Express™:
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    The train offers a different ride experience each direction and makes it easy to hop between the parks.
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  • You are visiting with toddlers or young children:
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    If you are traveling with younger tadpoles, one park per day may be plenty!
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  • You plan to add on Universal’s Volcano Bay:
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    While three parks in one day is toadally doable at Universal Orlando, you don’t necessarily need to (unless you want to ride the Hogwarts Express™).
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  • You have a longer vacation:
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    The more days you have, the more time you have to experience everything in the parks without having to do a bunch of hopping back and forth.
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