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How to Decide on Private or Group Lessons for Skiing or Snowboarding

by Leap on December 17, 2018

As we touched on recently, we toadally recommend taking skiing or snowboarding lessons. However, there’s a lot to consider, including price, lesson, schedule, duration and your own learning style. One of the biggest questions is whether to go with private or group lessons for skiing or snowboarding. Some thrive in group lessons, while others need one-on-one attention. While this is a big decision, don't worry, frog friends! You won't be stuck with one lesson type if you find out it's not for you. Some people start with one type of lesson and move to another. For instance, one may start out in group lessons to get the basics and then take a private lesson to fine-tune some skills or work an a particular challenge, like mastering moguls for Mommy Frog ;) Let’s hop to it and cover everything you need to know when choosing between private or group lessons.

private or group lessons for skiing or snowboarding

Choosing Between Private or Group Lessons for Skiing or Snowboarding

Do your research and book early. Scour the lessons page on your ski resort’s website to determine the types of lessons are offered. Compare the prices and see what’s included so you can make an informed decision. Once research is done and a decision is clear, book your lessons as soon as possible.

It’s important to book in advance for several reasons. Here's why:

  1. You can save money reserving at least 48 hours in advance.
  2. Your lessons may include elements such as lift tickets or rentals (especially for first-timers).
  3. You don’t miss out on your first choice. Wait too long and it may be full.

You may be wondering, “Are ski lessons worth it?” They definitely are! You want your family members to be safe and make the most of your time on the mountain, so learning how to ski from a professional will get you better and having more fun with less effort more quickly.

private or group lessons for skiing or snowboarding

Group Lessons for Skiing and Snowboarding

Group lessons with about six to nine students are popular because they are generally less expensive and are a great way for new skiers and snowboarders to learn skills with peers. You can usually save money on multi-day lessons. Full-day lessons are usually a better deal than several half-day lessons. Mommy Frog is our more seasoned skier of the family, and she likes that we can drop Tad and Lily off at group lessons with a ski school. Often their rentals are kept at the facility overnight. Their lunch and playtime needs are met, and Mommy Frog can ski the more advanced runs while the tadpoles are making new friends and learning at their own pace. At the end of the day, our frog family ski together so everyone can show off their new skills.

private or group lessons for skiing or snowboarding

The advantages to group lessons include:

  • Affordability
  • Peer interaction
  • Fun and games/activities for kids
  • Camaraderie
  • You can learn from others
  • Encouragement and support from other students
  • Skipping the lift lines
  • Some especially good deals for beginners

Some beginner or never-ever lessons may include lunch, lift ticket or rentals. This depends on the resort and student age. Generally lift tickets are not included in most lessons, but it’s important to ask before booking.

private or group lessons for skiing or snowboarding

In addition to group lessons, you may find small group lessons with fewer students or some adult special interest clinics that work on specific skills or have participants with a similar interest. These interests may include wine tasting (yes, really), skiing new areas or working on a certain skill.

private or group lessons for skiing or snowboarding

Some people like having other students to talk to, watch and get support from. If you are struggling to learn and see others doing the same, it's comforting to know you’re not alone. Another student might inspire you to try a new skill because you see them mastering it.

If your kids are new to ski school, be sure to hop over to our Ski School Tips. Save money by booking lessons during less-crowded times, although if you are skiing at a peak time, the best thing about taking a lesson is skipping the long lift lines. As you can see, there are advantages to taking lessons at any time!

Private Lessons for Skiing and Snowboarding

Private lessons offer more attention and allow you to work at your own pace. Maybe you need a faster pace than other students or maybe you need a slower pace to take your own time. Everyone has their own learning style. If someone in your family has trouble following directions, focusing, or has disabilities, a private lesson can make all the difference. Even though private lessons are more expensive, many ski schools allow you to bring four or five people to learn with. This means you can divide the cost among your family or friends and save more money!

private or group lessons for skiing or snowboarding

The advantages to private lessons for skiing or snowboarding include:

  • One-on-one training
  • A lot of attention
  • Focus on your specific needs
  • You may be able to share the lesson with family members
  • You may be able to access other parts of the mountain that groups don’t necessarily go
  • You can progress at your own pace
  • Skipping the lift lines
  • You can take a shorter lesson than a group lesson, getting more free time on the mountain

Types of private lessons include one-on-one private lessons, family lessons, and small group lessons. More advanced skiers or snowboarders may be interested in the technical coaching clinics, which may blend private and group sizes with three to six students.

People with physical or cognitive disabilities can greatly benefit from scheduling adaptive lessons. Adaptive lessons offer private instruction for an affordable price. They are often taught by patient volunteers trained to teach anyone to ski. If any special equipment is needed, it is included. Some adaptive lessons include lift tickets, skis or snowboards, and maybe even a Buddy Pass for a family member to ski along.

Whether you are booking private or group lessons, you’ll want some tips for saving on a family ski trip. If you are looking for discount ski hotels, rental cars, lift tickets, Epic Passes, or equipment rentals, Undercover Tourist can help you save money and time by bundling these important components of your ski vacation. Click here to plan your next ski vacation. For comments, share below!

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