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Train Like a Ninja at Lego Ninjago World

Lego Ninjago World is the newest land in LEGOLAND California. The land offers various training exercises to help prepare aspiring ninjas for the epic battle in the highlight of the land: Ninjago the Ride. This toadally cool land is popular, since it's brand new and right at the entrance to the park. Here’s what you need to know so your tadpole can prepare and train like a ninja at Ninjago World.

Ninjago the Ride at LEGOLAND California - Little Ninjas

How to Train Like a Ninja at Ninjago World

Train Using the Four Elements

There are four Lego Ninjas to train you and prepare you for battle. You can test your endurance and strength when navigating Cole’s Rock Climb wall, master Spinjitzu by spinning on Kai’s Spinners, or test your speed and reflexes at Jay’s Lightning Drill—you may need to work with your family to master this lightning-speed drill. You can work on your temple-building skills with Zane’s Temple Build, where you can work on a massive model of the old Ninjago Monastery.

Fuel Up at Ninja Kitchen

Ninjago the Ride at LEGOLAND California - Ninja Kitchen

All that training can make you hungry. Refuel at Ninja Kitchen, a quick-service Asian street food restaurant in Ninjago Land. They have Asian favorites like egg rolls and spring rolls as well as salads. For entrees, you choose the style (Vietnamese sandwich roll, bao bun or rice bowl) and the filling (crispy pork belly, lemongrass chicken, or sweet chili tofu).

Meet Ninjas

Ninjago the Ride at LEGOLAND California - Ninja Meet-and-Greets with Kai

You can meet Lego Ninjago characters. Be ready to strike a Ninja pose for the camera. Ask them to teach you some real Ninja moves. Tad has video of Ninjago World and meeting Kai on our YouTube channel.

Use Your Ninja Skills on Lego Ninjago the Ride

You control the elements using your own hands in Ninjago the Ride with fireballs, lightning, shockwaves and ice! There is no minimum height requirement, but kids under 48 inches need to ride with a responsible rider who is 48 inches or taller. The 3-D ride feels like a combination of a video game and a ride, so it is popular with gamers of all ages. While you are waiting in line for the ride and preparing mentally for battle your group can get a photo taken.

Being new, Ninjago the Ride is one of the most popular rides in the park this summer. The line tends to swell about an hour after park opening and may drop down later in the day. When you exit the ride you can view your photo and then exit into Wu’s Warehouse, where Ninjas can stock up on Lego Ninjago gear and supplies.

Ninjago World is not a large land, so it should leave you plenty of time to visit many other attractions in the park. It is the first land you meet when you enter the park and turn to the right. It makes it a great place to visit when you first enter the park or before you exit—or both!

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Stay Cool!


Keep hopping, Tad!
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Sep 21, 2017 at 2:24 a.m. Lucio Says...

Hi, I wanted to share my Ninjago Lego build & review video. It’s a standard lego build video, but it ends with an Epic Battle with the Ninjago characters. It’s very timely with the new Ninjago lego movie coming out in a few days.



Mar 13, 2017 at 9:38 a.m. Maria Says...

Its nice to see that kids are having fun! :-)

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