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Boston City Guide


With its rich history and easy access to educational and fun activities alike, it’s no wonder that Boston is a favorite family vacation spot. Founded in 1630 by Puritan settlers from England, the city of Boston covers about 48 square miles and is known as a hub for education and culture. From walking the Freedom Trail to hopping over to the more than 2,300 acres of parks (including the first US park, Boston Common, 1634), Boston is friendly to even the smallest tadpole (not to mention, all of the public transportation is an easy way to get the wiggles out)! After brushing up on American history, there’s plenty of recreational activities to take part in, from watching a Red Sox game at Fenway Park to enjoying a bowl of “chowdah” on the bay.
Boston at a Glance
February 04, 2023
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Best Time to Visit

June-October, with highs in the 70s and 80s in the summer and 60s and 70s in the fall. Lots of summer recreation and temperate weather (before the winter weather arrives) makes America’s Walking City even more enjoyable.

What We Love

  • History lessons for frogs of all ages (both museums, tours and monuments)
  • Lots of outdoor activities to keep the whole family hoppin’
  • Easy to get around (by foot, bicycle, subway, trolley, swan boat … )
  • As much recreation as there is history (sporting events, concerts, the aquarium, Public Garden)

Fun Facts About Boston

  • You can actually go where everyone knows your name – the bar that became the setting for the iconic TV show, “Cheers”, is located in Beacon Hill. Children are allowed until 10 p.m., when it becomes a 21 and over establishment.
  • The Fig Newton was named after a suburb of Boston.
  • America’s first Thanksgiving was celebrated in Boston in 1621.
  • Happy Hour is against the law in Boston.
  • From 1659 to 1681, it was against the law to celebrate Christmas in Boston. The Pilgrims thought the holiday was corrupt.

The Freedom Trail is easy to navigate independently (and free!), but you can join a walking tour courtesy of an 18th-century costumed Freedom Trail Player tour guide to further enhance the experience. The 90-minute tour provides an informative look at Boston's revolutionary roots.
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Boston at a Glance
February 04, 2023
Temperature: HI 17° LO 16°