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Disney World New Year's Resolutions for 2016

by Ashley Metz on December 29, 2015

What's your Disney World New Year's Resolution? Do you have one? If not, my job today is to convince you to make one ... or many! Resolutions aren't meant to be unattainable. By its definition, a resolution is simply to resolve to do something; an intention made known and purposefully and methodically approached. See? Not all that bad really! Today I'm going to share with you some areas that you might choose to make Disney World New Year's resolutions for 2016! Time's running out! Let's get going!

Resolve to be more organized in your planning

Disney World New Year's Resolutions - Magic Kingdom entrance

I am so guilty of not being a super great planner. I hit it with the very best of intentions, but by the time I'm in the parks, all of that flies right out the window (well, aside from places where My Disney Experience takes over). I could stand to get it together and make time to iron out the kinks before I'm standing on Main Street U.S.A.

A great way to get that planning in motion is to turn to the planning section of Undercover Tourist. From crowd calendars, touring plans and must-see attractions, to updates and advice, we've got you covered. Even the most sporadic of planners can turn into a pro!

Resolve to spend more time in the parks

Being in the parks is really the whole point of taking a trip to Disney World or Disneyland. Make a point to use your time to the fullest this year. Get out of that bed early, don't sleep your day away! Maybe this means you'll need to plan out the times you want to be in the park and leave the park. Take advantage of Extra Magic Hours if you have access to them. Make the most out of your time in the parks. Remember quality over quantity; taking a break midday may just allow you to get in a few extra hours of fun once the sun and crowds have gone to bed! The way I look at it more time in the parks as a resolution is a win-win!

Resolve to check more items off your Disney bucket list

My Disney bucket list is about a mile long and growing every minute! If you're anything like me, you might just have put that bucket list on the back burner. I forget items only to return home from trips and remember them! There is so much to do and experience at Disney World and Disneyland. Make sure to keep you Disney bucket list in the forefront of your year. Resolve to do some checking off in 2016. You won't regret it!

Resolve to try something new

Disney World New Year's Resolutions - Rock 'N Roller Coaster

On my last trip to Disney I bit the bullet and finally tried Rock 'n Rollercoaster. Yes, insert your gasps here. I am a full-fledged diehard Disney fan and up until about two months ago, I had been too terrified to try this ride. I'd heard horror stories of headaches and twists, turns and inversions enough to scare you for life and I had been avoiding it at all costs. That is until September.

Real talk. I rode it and LOVED it. In fact this was the very first FastPass I secured for my next trip. If I'd never tried it out, I wouldn't know what I was missing. This year, I plan to try out many new things at Disney World. From food to rides and events, I'm not holding back too much.

Resolve to pick up the pace

Disney World New Year's Resolutions - RunDisneyHave you been avoiding the RunDisney craze? This is your year! I'm telling you, this is the year that you need to register, train and run (or run/walk) a RunDisney event! I ran my first half marathon back in 2012 and it was amazing! I went from couch potato to dashing Disney princess. The results of the training and preparation made me healthier. Completion of the Disney Princess Half told me that I could in fact run 13.1 miles without dying. The memories made me want to come back for more (including the Tower of Terror 10 Miler and another Disney Princess Half Marathon). Resolve to run this year!

OK, so did you get any ideas to make more of The Mouse? This year, I resolve to visit the parks during every month. I don't live in Florida, so this might be interesting, but how cool would it be if I did it? Just think of it this way, no pressure just an intention, if you succeed then HOORAY! If not??? We'll there's always next year!

Until next time, keep it magical in 2016!

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Ashley is the author of Disney: Done Right Blog and a writer for Chip and Co. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter!


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