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Our Top 10 Most ~Ribbeting~ Disneyland Ride Videos

by Tad on April 23, 2020 Los Angeles   Video

Top 10 Disneyland Ride Videos - PinterestWhat do you do when you can’t get to Disneyland, but are missing your favorite rides? Take a virtual ride on the Undercover Tourist YouTube channel, of course! We have videos of almost every ride in Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park (as well as many other theme parks). As the videographer of the family, I am always hoppin’ to Disneyland to film rides, parades, shows, snacks and really anything that makes me hoppy at Disneyland Resort. Hop along with me as I take you through my top 10 favorite Disneyland ride videos!

Top 10 Disneyland Ride Videos

What’s fun about Disneyland ride videos is that we can capture a version of a ride and then shoot a new video after the ride has undergone a major refurbishment. So sometimes, I love going back and watching an old video that captures a part of the ride that has been changed. It’s not toadally gone forever if we can still experience it on video. It’s kind of like preserving a bit of Disney history!

My little sister, Lily, is not tall enough for some the of the thrill rides, but I can already tell she will be a thrill-seeker like I am. Sometimes we watch the roller coaster videos together with her on my lap in a box or laundry basket. I copy the movement of the ride to give her a tadpole-level thrill. That way she can experience the ride too! Whenever I ride a new ride, I promise to film it so she can experience it too. My cousin has autism spectrum disorder, so she loves to watch Disneyland ride videos before she visits the parks. Viewing the videos prepares her for her first rides so she knows what to expect. Me personally, I just like watching them when I can’t get to the parks to enjoy them. It helps me keep the magic alive in between vacations!

It was so hard to choose my top 10 videos. Don't froget, if you want to see more, you can always subscribe to the Undercover Tourist YouTube channel and search our uploads, playlists and resorts for both new and old ride videos for Disneyland, Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld, Legoland and more!

Soarin’ Over California — Disney California Adventure Park

I’m sorry the scents of pine, ocean breezes and orange groves are not included in this ride video. If you are really bored, you can make your own scents before you ride. Even sniffing an orange will do the trick! This ride has been taken over by the equally cool Soarin’ Around the World, but this California version does come back for a limited run from time to time. I love it because it reminds us how much diversity there is in the huge and beautiful state that is home to Disneyland, Yosemite, the desert, the mountains and the beaches. Surf’s up!

Splash Mountain — Disneyland Park

If you love the ride but hate getting wet, here’s the perfect chance to experience a zip-a-dee-doo-dah good time safe at home! To get the full effect, use a spray bottle of water to recreate the splashes!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad — Disneyland Park

If you’re wearing hats or glasses, best remove ‘em, ‘cause this here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness! This Frontierland roller coaster is a Frog Family favorite

Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT! — Disney California Adventure Park

This ride has an elaborate pre-show, during which you learn that the collector, Taneleer Tivan, has imprisoned the Guardians of the Galaxy. Don’t worry. You’ll soon learn that Rocket the Racoon has escaped and has come up with a fool-proof plan to free his friends. That’s where you come in to help! You’ll help him gain access and board a gantry lift. While you can’t experience the sudden drops in the dark without riding, you can enjoy the fun and exciting story. This video shows only one version of the ride. There are six different songs and accompanying video portions, plus a Halloween time heavy metal version, Monsters After Dark. (Check out that video too! How cool is it that the Disneyland fireworks are exploding when the doors at the top open?) #bonusvideo

Haunted Mansion Holiday — Disneyland Park

We all know the classic Haunted Mansion version with its wall-to-wall creeps and hot and cold running chills (perhaps by heart). But the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay takes place from early September until early January each year, and this overlay is unique to Disneyland. And thanks to technology, you can enjoy seeing what hoppens when two holidays collide any time of the year.

Radiator Springs Racers — Disney California Adventure Park

If you go by “rush hour” bumper-to-bumper line length, this Cars Land ride is undoubtedly one of the most popular rides at the Disneyland Resort. Luckily you can gain instant access with this video. Vroom, vroom!

Jungle Cruise — Disneyland Park

Welcome aboard the World Famous Jungle Cruise! When you get to the elephant bathing pool, feel free to take as many photos as you like. They all have their trunks on. The dry humor jokes never get old and always get their point across in the end.

Pirates of the Caribbean — Disneyland Park

Before there was Redd the gun-toting female pirate, there was the “we wants the redhead” scene. Take a salty trip back to 2017, before the latest major refurbishment. If only we could recreate the old wood, sea smell of this ride for you. It's one of my all-time favorite scents!

Incredicoaster — Disney California Adventure Park

Edna is supposed to babysit Jack-Jack, but he suddenly disappears. Each of the members of the Parr family use their powers to get Jack-Jack back. You’re coming along on this looping wooden roller coaster with hills, three tunnels and appearances from each family member. Have a chocolate chip cookie num num close by and take a sniff to recreate the yummy aroma of tunnel number two.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance — Disneyland Park

This is the newest ride in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and is considered the most immersive ride in theme park history. It only opened January 17, 2020, so chances are you have not had a chance to ride it yet. If you are a huge Star Wars fan, you will have to decide whether seeing it here is the closest you will get to riding it anytime soon or if you want to skip this video because you want to be surprised. FYI: My first ride blew my mind and put me in shock. I was wondering what I just saw. I needed to ride it a second day to really process the magnitude of this whole experience. I’ll leave you to your internal struggle and leave this video right here and slowly back away like Chewie and Rey hiding from the First Order on Planet Batuu.

I hope you enjoy your virtual tour of some of my favorite Top 10 Disneyland Ride Videos.  If you are looking for more, hop around our YouTube channel for more entertaining shots of the “hoppiest” place on earth. Please let us know your favorite video in the comments below. If there are any videos you would like to see in the future, please let us know that too!

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Stay cool!

Keep hopping, Tad!
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