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Top 10 Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World Hollywood

by Tad on January 7, 2024 Los Angeles

Top 10 Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo WorldSuper Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood is the most immersive land yet. With high Mt. Beanpole, castle walls around the border, and entrances and exits through warp pipes, you really feel like you're immersed in the Nintendo Universe. Although the space is somewhat confined, it has a lot of toadally cool details for guests to enjoy. Here are the top 10 not-to-miss details in Super Nintendo World, especially for us Super Mario fans. But if you're a new Super Mario Bros. fan looking to learn more about this new land, I'm here to guide you in the right direction!

Top 10 Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Here are things to keep a sharp eye out for while you're in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood. Make sure you download the Universal Studios Hollywood app so you can have access to a virtual map of the land, participate in challenges and earn stamps during your visit. Taking part in these activities will draw your attention to even more details around the land as you embark on your quest to collect coins and fill your virtual stamp book. (There are 128 stamps to collect in total.)

1. Warp Pipes

Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World - People walk through Warp Pipe

While playing the Super Mario games, you enter green warp pipes as shortcuts to other lands. This is how you enter and exit Super Nintendo Land, too! Aside from the many smaller warp pipes scattered throughout the land, the entrance to the land is a giant warp pipe itself. You really can't miss them!

Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World - Entrance to the land

However, stop at the pipe photo location just outside Super Nintendo World before you enter the land. You don't want to froget to take a picture in the pipes!

2. Hints about the Storyline

Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World - Bowser Jr. writing

There's an underlying storyline in the Super Nintendo World — and Bowser Jr. is behind it. Right when you enter the land, you can see the start of some of his work. He's painted some messages that indicate he's stolen Princess Peach's golden mushroom and locked it up in his dungeon. As he has entrusted his minions to hold all of his keys, guests can collect them and unlock the dungeon to retrieve the golden mushroom. You'll compete in a number of challenges in the land to earn at least three of four keys. Then, you can unlock the door to Bowser Jr.'s dungeon and compete in Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown. You can learn all about it in our Power-Up Bands post.

3. Character Details

Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World - A fan meets Luigi and Mario

In the land, you can meet Mario, Luigi, Toad or Princess Peach! At first, the characters appear to have solid masks with closed mouths. However, they can move their mouths to say signature lines, as well as blink and move their eyes. Toadally fun!

4. The Windows in Toadstool Café

Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World - Window in Toadstool Cafe

Don't even get me started on Toadstool Café! The list of frogtastic, not-to-miss details you can find in this eatery is endless! After ordering your food, eat your meal in the dining room and watch as all the inhabitants of Mushroom Kingdom go about their lives outside (or in the kitchen, preparing your food). Are those clouds on the horizon? Watch out for Bullet Bills flying through the land while the Toads run in fear. You may also spot Luigi dunning through the land and disappearing into a pipe. Depending on where your table is, you're going to have different scenery. I don't think you can ever get bored there!

The food is also extremely themed and detailed. Hop over to our post on Super Nintendo World food for a closer look.

5. Binoculars

Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World - Seeing virtual items through binoculars

Walk up the staircase to the right of the entrance to Bowser Jr.'s dungeon and head to the balcony. Not only do you get a great view of the land but you can look through binoculars to see special objects, ? boxes, characters and more. Focus on certain hidden spaces to reveal them. You can even earn stamps with your Power-Up Band while you're up there!

Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World - Tap point on the wall

6. Hidden Tap Points

In some of the indoor locations around the land, look for the "M" tap point hidden on walls. When you tap one with a Power-Up Band, special images appear of Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser and more can appear on the wall!

7. Details in Mario Kart Queue

The massive queue takes you through Bowser's castle. If you take a look at the notes, book spines and photos, and pay attention to other small details in the queue, you'll see that Bowser has challenged Mario to a race. You'll see various pictures and designs, and may even pick up a few tips for how to best handle parts of the track. I'll let you explore on your own when you get there, but I'm sharing a few important signs to guide you on your quest.

Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World - Team Mario

Even if you are not a big Super Mario fan, you can still figure out who your Mario teammates are. You know, so you don't throw things at them on the ride. (You can earn a stamp for not hitting any Team Mario racers.) You should, however, feel free to throw things at Bowser's Team. The banners in the queue will tell you who exactly is on Team Bowser. Hint: They look a lot meaner than Team Mario.

Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World - Team Bowser

8. Moving Parts in the Land

Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World - Entrance to Thwomp

It seems almost impossible to count all of the moving set pieces in this land! See the steam shooting out the bottom as Thwomp drops? Sit on a toadstool seat and take some time to look around, especially up high on Mt. Beanpole.

9. The Ground

Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World - Castle and ground

If you get a chance to look around the land when it's not crowded, make sure to examine the ground to spot some incredible details. It's chock-full of color, featuring green spaces, pathways and designs.

10. The View from the Second Story of the Single Rider Line

Not-to-Miss Details in Super Nintendo World - View from the Single rider line

Unlike most areas of theme parks, you get a completely different view of the land from the few balconies and second-story areas in Super Nintendo World. While you can get a birds-eye view from above Bowser Jr's Castle, we think the best view is from the Single Rider line for Mario Kart Bowser's Challenge. You can see more of the colorful floor from up there.

If you find some other toadally cool details at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, please share them in the comments below. You're going to want to save some money to get a Power-Up Band to experience some of these details. The best way to do that is to get the best deal possible on Universal Studios Hollywood tickets

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Stay cool!

Keep hopping, Tad!
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