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Using the Force to Build a Lightsaber Inside Savi's Workshop at Disney World

by Lily on September 30, 2020 5 Orlando   Video

Note from Mommy Frog: The build-your-own-lightsaber experience at Savi's Workshop returned Sept. 20, 2020! The experience has been slightly adjusted to allow for more social distancing between parties, so making advance reservations is highly recommended! Advanced reservations are available via the My Disney Experience app or DisneyWorld.com. Guests must have a valid Disney Park Pass reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios prior to making a reservation for Savi’s Workshop. Keep in mind that the pics below were taken before the parks reopened due to COVID-19, and there are now mask and other health and safety measures in place at Disney World

Building a Lightsaber at Savi's Workshop - PinterestBright suns! It’s Lily here, just helping out my Frog Fam by sharing the inside scoop on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World. We’ve already told you about one of its build-your-own experiences — be sure to check out how to build a custom droid! Now, it’s time to chat about building your own LIGHTSABER. Yes, you read that right, fellow padawans. And I thought it couldn’t get any better than drinking blue milk and bumping into my favorite Star Wars character, Rey! Savi’s Workshop at Disney World gives you an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Tad already built a lightsaber in Disneyland Resort with Dad, so it was my turn to be the builder with Mommy Frog this time. Savi’s Workshop is a highly anticipated experience (it's about 20 minutes long) at Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Read on to learn what you can expect, especially if this is on your must-do list when you visit Batuu.

Disney World's Savi’s Workshop Pricing and Logistics

Savi's Workshop at Disney World - Sign in Aurebesh

At first glance, the cost of a lightsaber might cause a bit of sticker shock. At $199.99 plus tax, it’ll certainly take a chunk out of your (or in my case, Mommy Frog's) wallet. Know that you’re paying not only for the lightsaber itself, but also the experience of building it in the workshop. Is it really worth the price? If you’re a Star Wars fan and can fit it into your budget, we absolutely think so. However, it’s important to note that only one other person can attend the experience with the builder. If you have a larger frog family, you’ll need to think about the pros and cons.

Here are several other important details that you need to know:

  • The Savi's Workshop lightsaber experience can only accommodate one builder and a guest.
  • The guest may not build their own lightsaber.
  • The age recommendation is 5 and up.
  • At least one guest must be 14 or older.
  • You'll pay when you arrive at the location.
  • A carrying case is included with the purchase.
  • Additional parts and customizations can be bought from Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities.
  • Custom lightsabers are not refundable or eligible for annual passholder or other discounts.

How to Make a Reservation for Savi's Workshop at Disney World

If you want to be sure that you'll be able to visit Savi's, make a reservation. Savi’s Workshop at Disney World is extremely popular, and it's subject to availability. Walk-ins are not guaranteed. Disney (and super-planner Mommy Frog) highly recommends that you book a reservation, which can be made up to 180 days in advance. Since reopening, Disney dining reservations and experiences can now be booked up to 60 days in advance, but reservations at Savi's remain available 180 days out. You can check availability and make Savi's Workshop reservations on Disney's website.

When booking a reservation, have a valid credit card ready. It will not be charged until you arrive at Savi's Workshop. However, if you fail to cancel the reservation at least a day before and do not show up, you will face a "no-show" fee. The "no-show" fee is $199.99 per builder, which is essentially the cost of the experience. That would be a costly boo-boo! Late arrivals may not be able to enter and could face the same fee. Keep this in mind when picking out your reservation time. You'll need time to arrive at Disney's Hollywood Studios, get through security and the turnstiles and walk to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at the back of the park.

Where to Find Savi’s Workshop at Disney World

Savi's Workshop Disney World - Courtyard

Located in Black Spire Outpost, finding Savi’s Workshop at Disney World can be a bit hard. Signs are written in Aurebesh, so you’ll likely need a park map for reference. Savi’s Workshop is sandwiched between the Droid Depot and Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities and is across (and down the stairs) from Ronto Roasters. It doesn’t help that lightsaber-building is a covert operation and the shop is top-secret. Don't ask if you can build a lightsaber, or you'll quickly be corrected! Savi's deals in "scrap metal." (You might even catch Kylo Ren and troops of the First Order coming by to keep an eye on the operation.)

If you have a reservation and need to check in, arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your assigned time. There will be a check-in location in front of the shop. Each person in your party must be present upon checking in and entering Savi's Workshop. Be prepared to show your reservation confirmation, valid photo ID and the credit card you used to book. Once again, cancel your reservation at least a day in advance (if you need to), or don't be late! Otherwise, you'll risk having to pay the "no-show" fee.

Don't have a reservation? You can still check to see if the workshop is taking anyone from standby. During our preview, Mommy Frog and I didn't have a reservation. The cast members told us to come back at a later time. When we returned, we were put on the standby list and told to wait in the courtyard. If we left, we'd lose our place in line. There were still no guarantees, but after about a half hour, they called our name!

Once Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge officially opened, we hopped back to check out Savi's Workshop operations again. The Gatherers outside were letting people in standby build lightsabers, so don't lose hope! If you don't have a reservation, the very best time is to check at night around 8 p.m. A cast member also told us that each session generally allows one to three standby builders, depending on no-shows and cancellations.

Warning — the rest of this post contains some spoilers!

Choosing Your Lightsaber Options

Savi's Workshop Disney World - Hilt Themes Menu

When you meet one of the “Gatherers” outside the workshop, the Gatherer will explain the four themes for the hilt, or handle. If the Force within you is guiding you toward a specific one, choose it! Then, you’ll receive a cool pin that represents your selection.

Your lightsaber hilt theme options include:

  • Peace and Justice
    Salvaged scraps from fallen Jedi temples and crashed starships in these Republic-era designs honor the galaxy’s former guardians.
  • Power and Control
    Originally forged by dark side warriors, this style features rumored remnants from the Sith homeworld and abandoned temples.
  • Elemental Nature
    This theme embodies the Force — an energy created by all living things, including Brylark trees, Cartusion whale bones and Rancor teeth.
  • Protection and Defense
    Hilt materials bear mysterious motifs and inscriptions that reconnect users with the ancient wellspring of the Force.

Once you go inside the build room, the lead Gatherer will welcome you and explain who they are: a group of lightsaber-building experts who have traveled all over the galaxy to collect ancient relics, pieces and “junk” that will be forged into the lightsabers.

Build a Lightsaber at Savi's - Kyber Crystal

You begin with choosing the heart of your lightsaber — the kyber crystal. The crystal determines the color of your blade. The available colors are red, blue, green and violet. You can purchase additional kyber crystal colors at Dok-Onder's Den of Antiquities next door.

After selecting the kyber crystal, you’ll start building your hilt. Savi’s Gatherers will provide the parts based on your theme that you chose previously.

The box of Savi's Workshop parts includes:

  • 1 hilt
  • 4 sleeves (pick 2)
  • 2 emitters (pick 1)
  • 2 pommel caps (pick 1)
  • 2 sets of activation plates and switches (pick 1 set)

Assembling Your Lightsaber Inside Savi’s Workshop

Now that you've got all of the parts in front of you, the first step is placing your kyber crystal inside the chassis. Then, assemble the rest of the hilt from your choice of sleeves, emitters, pommel caps and activation plates. Some of the building can be a bit tricky, so feel free to ask for help! The Gatherers are there to help you if you have any trouble. Don't worry if you're the last one to finish building ... nobody gets left behind! Upon completion, the Gatherers will collect the unused parts and return them to Savi’s inventory.

Build a Lightsaber at Savi's Workshop - Lightsaber Parts

When all of the hilts have been built, you'll take a step back from the building station as the Gatherers walk around and insert each of the hilts into separate stabilization chambers. Inside the chamber, the hilt is forged to its blade!

The lights dim, the room turns green and Master Yoda talks to the group, announcing that it's time to forge the bond between lightsaber and builder. The lead Gatherer asks all of the builders to step forward, place their hands on their hilts and activate the lightsabers. The stabilization chamber opens, and all together, everyone raises their own lightsaber. This is hands-down the best part of the experience. Music is playing, and the lightsabers are humming.  The lead Gatherer reminds everyone that you can change the galaxy — it only takes a spark!

Build a Lightsaber at Savi's Workshop - Raised Lit-Up Lightsabers

Before you depart, you deactivate the lightsaber. Each builder receives a saber sheath on the way out in order to protect their lightsaber (and keep it out of sight from the First Order). However, you'll definitely want to take it out for some photo-ops around Batuu. Plus, they look super cool lit up at night!

If you're spending more time in the park and don't want to carry it around with you, you can send your completed lightsaber to your Disney Resort hotel if staying on-site. You may also have your lightsaber held at a designated location near the Disney’s Hollywood Studios main entrance for convenient pick-up as you exit the park. Just let the cashier know at the time of purchase.

Taking Your Lightsaber Home

Build a Lightsaber at Savi's Workshop - Kid with Lightsaber

The saddest part of any Disney trip is, of course, the trip home. If you're driving home or live locally, getting your lightsaber home is easy-peasy. However, if you'll be flying home, you may have some questions about what that transport is like.

TSA made an announcement that sabers are toadally safe and permissible for air travel in either your checked or carry-on luggage. A TSA agent may ask you to remove the lightsaber from the padded sheath for additional screening (we were not asked, but it does hoppen). It can head through the screening area just like any other carry-on luggage.

Where air travel gets a little tricky is actually with your airline. On Southwest, for example, your lightsaber counts as one of your carry-on items. Be sure to check with your airline to see what their policy is before you travel so that you don't end up with extra bag fees!

Lightsabers do fit into the overhead compartment, but be sure to check with a flight attendant in case they have a preferred place to store it during the flight.

Are you excited to build your own lightsaber inside Savi's Workshop at Disney World? What kyber crystal or hilt theme would you pick? Don't froget to check out our full guide on Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney World. 

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Keep hopping, Lily!
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Nov 18, 2020 at 5:18 p.m. Angela Says...

How much was the tax on the lightsaber and the droid. I have been looking around but everything I see just says the price plus tax and not telling me what the tax actually is.

Aug 16, 2020 at 6:03 a.m. Jonathon Says...

Is the light saber building open or will it be open in December?

Aug 17, 2020 at 8:03 a.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Jonathon!

At this time, Savi's isn't open as a lightsaber building experience (only a walkthrough shop). We aren't quite sure when it'll reopen as a building experience, but we'll be sure to update this post as soon as we know more!



Feb 19, 2020 at 1:14 p.m. Kristin de Fasselle Says...

We are building lightsabers later in the day when we are in HS. Right after our reservation at savi’s we have a FP for Slinky Dog. Can we take our saber to the front gate and have then hold them for us (we can’t sent them to POP b/c we are leaving the next day and sending them from Savi’s to the front takes a few hours and we are leaving HS to go to a ticketed event at MK). What do you recommend??

Feb 21, 2020 at 12:30 p.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Kristin!

This is a tough one; since you aren't in a position to have the saber sent to the front of the park or your resort, we'd suggest having the lightsabers shipped home or asking about holding options at Savi's. Let us know how things go!



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