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How to Skip the Lines With Single Rider at Disneyland

by Leap on October 21, 2023 Los Angeles

One of the free ways to reduce wait times at Disneyland is using the Single Rider line to hop on some of our favorite rides. Now, this hack is not for everyone. There are age limits and other restrictions, but it can potentially save you 90 minutes on Radiator Springs Racers. Toadally worth it! Let’s go over Single Rider lines at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, which rides offer it and how to use it! We can also help you determine if the Single Rider line for a particular ride is worth it to you.

What Is Single Rider at Disneyland?

Some Disneyland rides offer a way to fill empty seats in ride vehicles, while providing a positive benefit or incentive to people willing to fill those seats — a shorter wait than the standby line. No, it is not just for single people or people going solo at Disneyland. Anyone age 7 and up can use Single Rider, but there are rules:

  • Riders must be at least 7 years old.
  • Guests must be comfortable riding without their party.
  • Riders do not get seat preference (riders must take the empty seat assigned to them).

Single Rider Pros

How to Skip the Lines With Single Rider at Disneyland-Entrance to Radiator Springs Racers

The time savings is the biggest perk. Here are the pros:

  • The line is usually shorter than the standby line.
  • If only one family member wants to go on the ride, they can hop in the shorter Single Rider line while the rest of the party waits or does something else. For instance, if our tween Tad is the only one willing to get wet on Grizzly River Run, we send him through the Single Rider line and wait for him at the exit.

Single Rider Cons

Singler rider entrance to WEB SLINGERS

There are a few issues with Single Rider lines at Disneyland:

  • The selection of rides offering Single Rider is limited.
  • It’s not always available. If the Single Rider line is too long, the cast members will close the Single Rider line for a while. That means you can't always rely on this.
  • Some Single Rider lines open later than the ride. Space Mountain Single Rider opens about 10 a.m. If the sign is turned backward, it's not open. If you can read the sign, it's open.

How to Skip the Lines With Single Rider at Disneyland-Single Rider Line Sign at Space Mountain

  • The Single Rider line might miss some pre-shows or cool queue elements.
  • You do not get seat preference. If you know you want the front row or back row, then use the standby line or Genie+ if available for that attraction.
  • You do not get to ride with other members of your party. That might be important to you in competitive rides such as WEB SLINGERS or on rides with an on-ride photo such as Radiator Springs Racers.
  • Some cast members are great at pulling riders from the Single Rider line. Others have different priorities and can leave you watching empty seats go by.
  • It does not work for families with small children, unless an adult or teen member of the party is the only one who wants to ride. Then, it's great — but you cannot send children under 7 alone.
  • This is not the best way to skip the line if you use a wheelchair or have other disabilities. Go to Guest Relations to ask about accommodations that will suit your needs.

Buddy Pass and Roo Pass

How to Skip the Lines With Single Rider at Disneyland-Buddy Pass at Monsters Inc

In addition to Single Rider lines, there is a service called Buddy Pass at Monster's Inc. or Roo Pass at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It works in a similar way, but for rides with bench seating. You can fill an empty bench for a ride with one or two people (or a small third). Just ask a cast member in front of the attraction if they're using it.

How to Skip the Lines With Single Rider at Disneyland-Roo Pass in front of Winnie the Pooh entrance

Like Single Rider lines, this service is subject to availability. Also, you do not get seating preference, so make sure you are fine with the third row (or any row offered to you) before choosing this path.

Rides That Offer Single Rider at Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Single Rider Lines - Infographic

Here are the attractions with Single Rider lines and where to find the lines. The list does change at times. A ride may add or take away a Single Rider line. At this point, Monster's Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue is the only ride we know of offering Buddy Pass, but Toy Story Midway Mania! used to have it as well.

How to Skip the Lines With Single Rider at Disneyland-Single rider sign at Millennium Falcon

Disneyland Single Rider Attractions:

  • Matterhorn Bobsleds — Enter from the right-hand side.
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run — When you enter the ride entrance, look up for the Single Rider sign straight ahead. Take a right down the hallway to the staircases that lead you to where you receive your assigned position. This is a great quick option, but chances are you will be the flight engineer rather than a pilot or gunner (although we have gotten lucky when other guests asked us to trade). Make sure you are OK with getting what you're assigned. Also, you do bypass Hondo and other pre-show queue elements important to the ride storyline.
  • Space Mountain — Look for the Single Rider sign near the ride exit and follow signs from there.
  • Splash Mountain — Enter through the ride exit and a cast member will direct you to the Single Rider line.
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh — Collect a Roo Pass from a cast member at the ride entrance. Take it to the ride exit and wait to be assigned to an empty row. This pass is for parties of one or two (but can accommodate a third small child or baby).

How to Skip the Lines With Single Rider at Disneyland-Single Rider Sign at Radiator Springs Racers

Disney California Adventure Single Rider Attractions:

  • Radiator Springs Racers — This is our favorite ride to utilize single rider, especially in the morning, when the Single Rider line is short. Stay in the left-hand lane when you enter the queue. Because each car has two rows of three, parties of two, four or five, there are a lot of empty seats to fill.
  • Incredicoaster — The Single Rider entrance is partway up the Boardwalk. You'll wait and then be sent up and down elevators to wait again to be sent to your row. The standby queue is pretty efficient for this ride (and we have seat preferences) so this is not a Single Rider line we use often.
  • Goofy's Sky School — Follow the Single Rider sign.
  • Grizzly River Run — Follow the Single Rider sign. You'll receive a pass to hand to the attendant.
  • WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure — The Single Rider line is to the left of the standby entrance. Cast members let about 10 single riders in at a time, every other group. Once you enter the building, you'll be ushered to the right to watch the pre-show from a special lane. Then you go down a different hallway from other riders to get sorted into your vehicle. If you have friends or family in the park, you may have more fun riding together on this one since this is a competitive game, plus there is a team score.
  • Monster's Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue — This is a Buddy Pass, good for one or two people (or maybe a third lap sitter). You can ask a cast member for a Buddy Pass paper at the queue entrance, then walk in the exit and wait against the wall near ride loading station. A cast member will ask you to fill in an available row (usually the back row) of the vehicle.
  • (New!) Soarin' — The Disneyland app and site now lists Soarin' as offering Single Rider. If you have a seating preference for this ride (we prefer to sit in the middle section) then maybe Single Rider is not for you because you could end up on the edges (which makes the screen look wonky). You may need to ask for Single Rider.

How to Use Single Rider

How to Skip the Lines With Single Rider at Disneyland-Paper ticket at MatterhornLook for the Single Rider sign. It may be to the side or even near the exit, depending on the ride. It is best to use Single Rider for a ride you have already been on, as you might miss toadally cool queue elements by skipping the standard queue. Sometimes a cast member will hand you a Single Rider paper ticket to hand to the ride attendant (but sometimes not and that's OK).

Go in with the expectation that you will not be seated with your party members and will take the first available empty seat a cast member offers you. Sometimes you get lucky and get in the same vehicle anyway, but never ask for this. Do not take a tadpole who is riding this ride for the first time or who is afraid to ride alone in the Single Rider line. Do not hold up the line to ask for special seats or seatmates. By riding Single Rider, you are agreeing to help make the park more efficient in exchange for being willing to fill any empty seat and getting a shorter wait.

Single Rider is best for mature, able-bodied riders who understand the rules. For some rides, it is best to use Single Rider after you have already been through the full queue at least once.

Other Ways to Skip the Lines

Single Rider is just one of many tools we use to skip the lines at Disneyland. Other ways to get the shortest waits include arriving early to ride at park opening or in the last hour of park operation, using Genie+ and watching wait times in the Disneyland app. You can select rides with the free Genie service in the Disneyland app and it will guide you on the best time to ride a ride with the shortest wait. If you are a guest of one of three on-site hotels, one of the big perks is Early Entry, which allows you access to select attractions for 30 minutes before the park opens to other guests each day (with ticket and reservation). You can skip a lot of lines that way.

Hopfully, we have answered your Single Rider Disneyland questions. While Single Rider is a great free option to get a shorter wait (and we do love saving money), most of the Single Rider rides are also available on Genie+. That way you can skip the lines and ride with your kids. Did you know we sell discount Disneyland Genie+ tickets (and other tickets) that allow you to lock in the lowest rate? Ribbit ribbit!

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Keep hopping!

Keep hopping, Leap!
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