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Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm

by Mommy Frog on July 10, 2024
Los Angeles

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Step through the gates of Knott's Berry Farm with your tadpoles and turn to your right. You'll be hoppy to enter a PEANUTS-themed land made for kids. Camp Snoopy is a section of the Knott's Berry Farm theme park designed with smaller tadpoles in mind, but, really, you'll find some fun for the whole family. Camp Snoopy is in the middle of a refresh with some new rides open now — and a new theater that will open at a later date. We frogs and our tadpoles were there June 27, 2024, for the reopening of the revitalized Camp Snoopy. Chances are, your parents grew up with the PEANUTS cartoons and comic strips like Leap and I did. So, you'll enjoy some of the references to the PEANUTS characters and their antics portrayed in this land. Here's everything to know about Camp Snoopy at Knott's Berry Farm.

Camp Snoopy- Snoopy and friends on opening day

Overview of Camp Snoopy at Knott's Berry Farm

Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - Chalrie Brown catches a rock

Knott's Berry Farm as a whole is a great park for families. The park has a much smaller footprint than the larger parks, but don't let that fool you. The park packs a ton to do in that small space. Knott's has an overall Western theme, which makes for some good old-fashioned, wholesome fun. But today we are talking about Camp Snoopy, the 6-acre, PEANUTS-themed kiddie land, so to speak. It's a summer camp/theme park area all rolled into one.

Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - Beagle Scout BadgeCamp Snoopy originally opened in 1983. The land received a recent refresh, bringing new rides and experiences to the space. (A few new rides are open now, with others to come throughout summer 2024.) There are some rides with a maximum height requirement and others that parents can ride with their tadpoles. There are even some rides your tweens and teens will love, so it really has something for everyone.

Keep an eye out for new Beagle Scout badges as décor. (If you need to sit down and escape the sun in the afternoon, head to the Walter Knott Theater to watch some Apple TV+ "Camp Snoopy" shows in summer 2024. Then those badges will make more sense to you.) Also, be on the lookout for small PEANUTS-themed décor with storylines. Lily and Tad got some frog belly laughs over seeing statues of Charlie Brown and Snoopy fishing. Snoopy caught a fish, and well ... Charlie Brown caught a rock!

Camp Snoopy changes with the seasons, getting special décor for some of the Knott's Berry Farm events. Whether you visit during PEANUTS Celebration, Knott's Spooky Farm or Knott's Merry Farm, you can enjoy seasonal décor and lighting. Don't tell the kiddos, but Camp Snoopy transforms into a terrifying scare zone with monsters and a haunted maze at night after the park has closed during Knott's Scary Farm. It's a separately ticketed event meant for ages 13 and up. But your little ones will be safely out of the park by that time and will never know what hoppens to their playground in the fog during the spooky season.

Let's hop to it and go over all the details of Camp Snoopy, including rides, characters, entertainment, food and merchandise. Also, keep in mind that all of Knott's Berry Farm is cashless. Bring other forms of payment such as credit or debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can also convert cash to a card in the park at kiosks.

Hours and Tickets

Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - People ride bouncing buggies

Camp Snoopy opens and closes with the theme park. You can check park hours in the Knott's Berry Farm app and online, as hours can change seasonally. You'll find the shortest wait times in the land during the first hour of park opening. We always say to arrive before the park opens so you can take advantage of those short morning waits. Then move on to other family rides and entertainment in the park. The rides and experiences are included with your Knott's Berry Farm ticket.

You can get your flexible-date tickets through Undercover Tourist. You'll save money and time by purchasing online in advance.

Rides at Camp Snoopy

Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - Snoopy's Tenderpaw Coaster circles the track

Who wants to know about the newest rides first? Everyone? Great, because we are telling you about them anyway (along with their height and size requirements).

Newest Rides at Camp Snoopy

There are four new or revitalized attractions in Camp Snoopy.

  • (Open) Snoopy’s Tenderpaw Twister Coaster (42" tall to ride alone or 36" accompanied by a supervising companion) — This coaster takes riders on an off-road adventure with Beagle Scout Snoopy behind the wheel. The pint-sized launch coaster travels twice around the twin helix track. If you have long legs or a frog belly, chances are you may not be able to accompany your tadpole on this ride, which was too tight of a fit for this mommy frog. Test their height to see if they are tall enough (and brave enough) to ride alone before you hop in line. It's a very gentle coaster and circles the small track twice.
  • (Opening soon) Sally’s Swing Along — The two-sided camp swing set sweeps tadpoles 10 feet in the air as they sway back and forth on a bench seat. The ride features a playlist of songs Sally wants to sing to her "sweet baboo," Linus.

Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - Kid Ride Off- Road Rally

  • Camp Snoopy’s Off-Road Rally (36" or accompanied by a supervising companion; no hand-held infants) Take a Jeep-like ride to the annual Camp Jamboree with funny checkpoints along the way with Woodstock sculptures. Each vehicle is themed to a different PEANUTS character, such as Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, Franklin, Sally, Pigpen and Peppermint Patty. It's a slow-moving ride. Parents fit better on this than Snoopy's Tenderpaw Twister. You'll want to do this ride when the wait is short because it has a lengthy loading and unloading process. That means there's also a wait to disembark.
  • (Opening soon) Beagle Express — Scenes along the miniature train route have a Camp Jamboree theme. Look for Charlie Brown in a sack race (with a sack over his head) and Beagle Scouts earning a horticulture badge by working on the boysenberry vines. This is a revitalized former ride that reopens with a new electric steam engine and a fresh paint job.

Best Attractions for Small Children

Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - Kids Ride Cargo Ace

Besides the new attractions, your small fries will love these Camp Snoopy attractions.

  • Flying Ace (36 in. min. and 54 in. max.) — Have your little ones hop aboard Snoopy’s Sopwith Camel. Wave to them as they swoop down to the ground and soar up to new heights.
  • Charlie Brown's Kite Flyer (36 in. or accompanied by a supervising companion, except hand-held infants not permitted) — Climb in your own little yellow flyer swing to retrieve your kite from the kite-eating tree. Uh, oh! Charlie Brown is stuck upside down and all tied up in kite string!
  • Pig-Pen's Mud Buggies (36 in. or accompanied by a supervising companion) — Your tadpoles can climb aboard an all-terrain vehicle for a thrilling trek up, down and around. The ATVs spin, bounce and bump along, while Pig-Pen watches the muddy fun from his center perch.
  • Rapid River Run (42 in. or accompanied by a supervising companion) — Lucy is looking for a crew to help her take her tugboat on a ride. This rocking and turning ride will take you to heights of 21 feet.
  • (Closed) Camp Snoopy Barrel Bridge — This was also supposed to get a refresh during the refurbishment, but it is not open yet.
  • Ballon Race (36 in. or accompanied by a supervising companion) Fly high above Camp Snoopy in your very own miniature version of a “hot air balloon."

Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - Ballon Race Ride

Best "Thrills" in Camp Snoopy

Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - Sierra Sidewinder on track

  • Sierra Sidewinder (48-in. min. height requirement to ride alone and 42-in. to ride accompanied) — This family coaster combines speed with a spin. The cars spin freely as the train travels the track. It's the biggest ride in Camp Snoopy and the one with the most crossover appeal to teens and tweens.
  • Linus Launcher (42 in. min to ride alone and 36 in. when accompanied by a supervising companion) — This ride recreates the moment when silly Snoopy grabs Linus’ beloved blanket and propels him on a wild ride. Lie face-down and side-by-side on one of Linus’ “blankets” while your feet dangle off the back end. Hold on tight because you’ll pick up speed and rise high above the ground.

You'll also find more family-friendly rides nearby in Fiesta Village (also recently refreshed), Ghost Town and even the Boardwalk.

Characters at Camp Snoopy

Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - Kids meet Snoopy at Boardwalk area

Camp Snoopy is usually the place to find the most PEANUTS Characters in the park. The meet-and-greet area is reopening soon. In the meantime, find the characters around the park. Get a hug from Snoopy or a high-five from Charlie Brown. You can meet more characters, including Lucy, Sally, Pigpen, Franklin, Peppermint Patty and Marcie. Look on the Knott's Berry Farm app to find character times and locations. We caught up with Snoopy near Boardwalk BBQ.

Entertainment at Camp Snoopy

Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - Girl plays game

Camp Snoopy is getting a new stage. We used to enjoy the shows featuring PEANUTS characters on the old stage, but the new Camp Snoopy Theater (opening at a later date) offers something more. We can't wait for it to reopen at a later date so we can experience new options.

The Camp Snoopy Theater is being reoriented with the stage facing the midway. It has a shade cover over new log-style seating. In the meantime, your tadpoles can run around on the artificial turf. The whole family can enjoy extra seating at picnic tables and Adirondack chairs. Soon, Knott's will add umbrellas (for some much-needed shade, lighting and a small campground stage).

Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - Area of future theater

Besides the stage, you might encounter other entertainment at Camp Snoopy. You can play a game (for a fee) called Woodstock's Birdbath. Pull Woodstock out of the river, and if the numbers on the bottom match, you win a prize!

During the PEANUTS Celebration, you can use a contraption that translates your voice into a PEANUTS adult voice. Toadally funny!

Dining in Camp Snoopy

 Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - Girl eats burger at Wilderness Lodge

The main restaurant at Camp Snoopy is the Grizzly Creek Lodge. It usually opens before most other dining locations, so it's a great place to get breakfast or beat the lunch crowds if you can arrive early. This location usually offers items on the dining plan and seasonal tasting cards. It offers both indoor and outdoor seating, and the outdoor areas offer some peaceful and shady places to eat or just rest with views from above. Of course, Grizzly Creek Lodge offers all your tadpoles' favorites from chicken tenders to pizza.

Get snacks such as churros, soft pretzels, soft serve and ICEES at Cave Inn Snacks. You can refill your souvenir bottle at both these locations as well as at the Camp Snoopy Refresh station. Find popcorn in the middle of Camp Snoopy.


Camp Snoopy Reopens at Knott's Berry Farm - Snoopy's Camp Store

You'll find two shops in Camp Snoopy. The first one you'll see when entering Camp Snoopy from the park entrance is Snoopy's Camp Store. This is the place to pick up your PEANUTS plushes, clothing, hats, toys, books, DVDs, baby items, gifts, seasonal items and collectibles.

The other shop is on the end closest to Fiesta Village. Peppermint Patty's Candy Cabin sells snacks, candy and just a few souvenirs.

Are you heading to Camp Snoopy at Knott's Berry Farm? Let us know in the comments below what you are most excited about. You can get your flexible-date tickets to Knott's Berry Farm. And did you know Knott's Berry Farm is included in the Los Angeles and San Diego Go City Passes? You can save on those too with Undercover Tourist!

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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