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How to Use Disneyland's Virtual Queue System

by Leap on November 12, 2021 13 Los Angeles

Leap's note: Frogciting news! Disneyland is currently testing the standby lines for each of the former Disneyland virtual queue rides. Check the Disneyland app for the latest status on these rides as Disney may activate a virtual queue during select days and times as needed. One change is that guests must be inside the respective park in order to join the virtual queue when activated during this testing period.  

Disneyland Virtual Queues - Pinterest With more and more rides adding virtual queues, it looks like virtual lines at Disneyland may be here to stay for a while to manage the newest high-demand rides. When Disneyland introduced a virtual queue through the Disneyland app for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in January 2020, I have to admit, I figured once initial demand died down that virtual queues would fade away. But the demand is still toadally there for Rise of the Resistance, especially since it was only open for a few months before the park closed. Now, with Avengers Campus open, WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure is the must-do ride in Disney California Adventure Park, and — you guessed it! — the rad ride is only accessible using a virtual queue.

Nobody wants to stand in long lines all day! Disneyland virtual lines, also called Boarding Groups, save the day for these attractions, allowing park guests to enjoy other areas of the parks rather than standing in a line all day. Now you can eat a churro and ride other rides instead of standing around for hours waiting for one ride!

Disneyland recently slightly modified the process of joining a virtual queue. Now, guests can press "Confirm Your Party" within the hour before the first joining time goes live. That way people have time to link a ticket or hopfully fix an issue with the party while there is still time. Additionally, a paid skip-the-line option called Genie+ will debut this fall at Disneyland, providing guests with a way to pay to access rides — including those with virtual queues. (Virtual queues will remain in place and will remain complimentary to use.)

Love them or hate them, virtual lines at Disneyland are here, and they are a tool the park can use to allow guests to enjoy the rest of the park’s attractions, restaurants, restrooms, etc., instead of standing in long lines. So, how do we use them?

The Disneyland Virtual Queue System

How to Use Disneyland's Virtual Queue System - Home Screen Button for Virtual QueuesAdmittedly, the Disneyland virtual queue system creates a little bit of anxiety each day because these queues fill quickly. If you do not get in, you do not get to ride that day (though soon, guests will be able to pay to access these rides using Genie+). Technical errors aside, there is a certain amount of fairness in the virtual queues. For the most popular rides, guests can only join the Boarding Group once per day, per ride. That gives most park guests a chance to ride. It’s not like the most agile guests or the fastest walkers can beat everyone out, leaving slower walkers, small children and people with disabilities in the dust. Everyone must join the queue the same way. Granted, you must have a smartphone with a good connection through Wi-Fi or your data plan.

Unfortunately, if you're unable to acquire a Boarding Group, you will likely face some disappointment, especially if that attraction was your main motivation for visiting. Croak! Try to move on and make the best of your day. After all, you're still at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure and there are so many great things to do!

As much as we feel like we’ve mastered joining a virtual queue, there’s a complication. Now there are two queues going live at the same time in different parks. That means if you have a park hopper and want to ride both rides, you'll need a strategy (and some faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust). Sometimes it comes down to plain ol' good luck! But speed is the name of the game and that's your speedy fingers along with the speed of your phone connecting to the Disneyland server.

Pay to Ride an Attraction with a Virtual Queue

How to Use Disneyland's Virtual Queue System - Genie+

Do you struggle with virtual queues due to a slow phone connection or maybe even slow fingers, but you desperately want to ride? We do have some news about another way to ride that's coming soon. Disney announced a new offering for fall 2021. You may have heard that FASTPASS and MaxPass have been retired. A new service called Genie+ will allow you to select rides on your phone, similar to MaxPass to use the Lighting Lane (that's the new name for a FASTPASS entrance) to bypass the standby line. (But if you don't want to pay the extra cost for Genie+, the free Disney Genie tool will be the spot to find the virtual queue option.)

For rides with virtual queues, guests will be able to essentially pay per attraction to buy their way into a virtual queue ride. Don't worry — the virtual queue will still remain a free option, as well. Guests can purchase a particular ride once per day for a maximum of two different rides per day and use Lightning Lane. We don't have all of the details yet, but you can hop over to our Disney Genie post for the latest news.

How to Manage the Disneyland Virtual Queue System

Let’s go over which rides offer virtual lines at Disneyland and how and when to join each one.

Which Rides Offer a Virtual Queue?

These rides offer a virtual line (subject to change):

  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in Disneyland Park
  • WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure in Disney California Adventure Park

The virtual queue for WEB SLINGERS also gives riders access to Avengers Campus when the land is at capacity. So, if you cannot join a virtual queue, you will have to wait in a standby line to get in the land. When Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opened in June 2019, a virtual queue managed the flow of people into the land on opening day, so virtual queues can be used to limit capacity in an area of the park as well as rides. Sometimes we used a different type of virtual queue to access popular shops at Downtown Disney during the Disneyland closure.

What Are the Rules for Virtual Queues?

Besides receiving a window to return to the ride with a relatively short standby wait, there are a few rules and differences relating to Disneyland virtual lines.

Here is what you need to know about virtual queues for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure:

  • You can only join each ride’s Boarding Group once per day (to allow the greatest number of guests a chance to ride).
  • Make sure you have all the tickets linked to your Disneyland account in the Disneyland app to be able to join.
  • You cannot hold a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance and WEB SLINGERS at the same time. But if you ride one early in the morning, you are eligible to try for the other at noon.
  • A valid ticket and park reservation for the appropriate park are necessary for joining a Boarding Group.
  • For the 7 a.m. eligibility period, you do not need to be in a park or on Disneyland property to join.
  • You need to have entered a theme park for the 12 p.m. joining opportunity for Rise and WEB SLINGERS.
  • If you are not successful at 7 a.m., you get another opportunity at 12 p.m. If you are successful at 7 a.m., you may try for the other ride at noon if you have a park hopper ticket and have already ridden.
  • Joining a virtual queue does not guarantee you will get to ride (ride breakdowns do occur).
  • You may be issued a Backup Boarding Group in the afternoon.
  • If you use the Disability Access Service, you will need to join a Boarding Group, then talk to a cast member at the ride entrance. Once DAS is verified, you may be sent to a different queue to enter. You do not need a separate return time to ride.
  • The 7 a.m. Boarding Groups are generally meant to board between park opening and 1 p.m., given normal operations.
  • The 12 p.m. Boarding Groups generally board from 1 p.m. until before park closing.

The Disneyland app says, "Virtual queues are limited and subject to availability, and joining a virtual queue does not guarantee entrance to any experience."

Keep in mind that other rides could join the Disneyland virtual queue lineup at any time. Indiana Jones Adventure was on virtual queue for just a few weeks. These other rides may not go live at 7 a.m. and 12 p.m or follow the same restrictions. When Indiana Jones had a virtual queue:

  • You could be in a Boarding Group for Indy at the same time as another Boarding Group.
  • You had to have entered Disneyland Park to join.
  • You could access a standby line first thing in the morning and at the end of the day, with a virtual line granting access during the bulk of the day.

We do not anticipate any other rides joining the virtual queue at this time.

How to Prepare for Virtual Lines

How to Use Disneyland's Virtual Queue System - Confirm Your PartyNo matter which rides you want to join a Boarding Group for, you have some prep work to do first. Keep in mind that the process changed slightly in September 2021, allowing guests to confirm their party in advance:

  • Acquire a valid theme park ticket for the park(s) and a theme park reservation.
  • Download the latest version of the Disneyland app.
  • Register or log in to a Disney account.
  • Link the tickets for all party members to at least one account in the Disneyland app.
  • Confirm your party. An hour before the joining period, tap Confirm Your Party.
  • Your eligible party members should appear. You can tap Change Party if you need to make adjustments.
  • There's a new "Refresh" button at the bottom of that screen. You can tap that as the joining period approaches or pull down to refresh. (Alternatively, if you continue to refresh the previous screen with the "Confirm Your Party" button, the button will switch to "Join Virtual Queue" at exactly 7 a.m. or 12 p.m.)
  • Have a clock or watch with a secondhand. You can pull up a world clock, but we’ve had just as much success with our Apple watch (which seems to be one-half to one second ahead of the world clock).
  • Be in a place with a good signal on your phone. We tend to turn off Wi-Fi in the park. Others leave it on.
  • Some people check the speed of their connection.
  • Make sure you have push notifications selected for the Disneyland app.
  • Bring a portable charger to keep your phone fully powered (always a good idea at Disneyland).

Prepare for disappointment. This is not to be negative in any way but to set reasonable expectations. There is a possibility that you will not get to join a Boarding Group. There have been days in which a ride is unavailable and is not able to board anyone. Even if you do join a Boarding Group, there is a possibility that your group will not be called back. Have alternate plans in place so you do not let this ruin your day.

How to Use Disneyland's Virtual Queue System - When You cannot ride

Which Disneyland Virtual Queues Am I Eligible for Based on My Park Ticket?

Let's simplify this based on your park ticket and the park you are visiting:

  • 1-Park Ticket for Disneyland — You are eligible to join a Boarding Group for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at 7 a.m. and/or 12 p.m. (but may only join once per day).
  • 1-Park Ticket for Disney California Adventure — You are eligible to join a Boarding Group for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure at 7 a.m. and/or 12 p.m. (but may only join once per day).
  • Park Hopper Ticket Starting at Disneyland — You are eligible to join a Boarding Group for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at 7 a.m. If you are successful and ride before noon, you are eligible to join a Boarding Group for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure at 12 p.m. If you are unsuccessful, you have a choice between trying to join Rise of the Resistance or WEB SLINGERS at noon.
  • Park Hopper Ticket Starting at Disney California Adventure — You are eligible to join a Boarding Group for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure at 7 a.m. If you are successful, you are eligible to join a Boarding Group for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at 12 p.m. as long as you have already ridden. If you are unsuccessful, you have a choice between trying to join Rise of the Resistance or WEB SLINGERS at noon.

If park hoppers have not scanned into the first ride by noon but really would prefer to join the queue for the ride in the other park, they can remove themselves from the party and try to join the other ride at noon. If other party members stay in the original queue, their tickets will not be selected for the other ride. We tried it out and it worked great. Only the person who had left the first virtual queue was selected to join the other queue.

If you find yourself at the parks on a rare slow day in which Boarding Groups take a while to fill, people who ride the first ride after noon may have an opportunity to join the other virtual queue after scanning into the first ride, granted there's still availability. Now that you can select your party ahead of time, this should remove any concerns about who is joining ahead of time.

How to Join a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance

How to Use Disneyland's Virtual Queue System - Stormtroopers in Rise of the Resistance

We’ve already mapped this one out in Tad’s very detailed post on how to join a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance. Hop over for all of the details.

How to Join a Boarding Group for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

How to Use Disneyland's Virtual Queue System - Spider-man bursting through wall in Web Slingers

The virtual queue for WEB SLINGERS works in about the same way as Rise of the Resistance, with a few differences. This ride is located in the newest land, Avengers Campus, in Disney California Adventure Park.

How to Use Disneyland's Virtual Queue System - Review Details ScreenshotHere's how to do it:

  • You'll locate the Virtual Queue box on the Disneyland app home screen.
  • A few minutes up to an hour before enrollment time, you can tap Join Virtual Queue.
  • You'll choose the park and ride you want or are eligible to join.
  • The Disneyland app defaults to Disneyland Park no matter what kind of ticket you have, so you'll want to select Disney California Adventure Park at the top before enrollment time arrives. Tap Disney California Adventure Park. 
  • You can tap Confirm Your Party OR stay on that screen and refresh until Join Virtual Queue appears.
  • If you tap Confirm Your Party, make sure your party is correct. The bottom of that screen has a refresh button. You'll want to continually tap that as the seconds count down to enrollment time.
  • The other refresh method is the pull-down method. In the five seconds before enrollment time, begin to refresh the app by putting your finger on the screen and repeatedly pulling down long enough to see the refresh bar appear. You can practice right now. When it's time to join at exactly 7 a.m. or 12 p.m. a blue "Join Virtual Queue" button will appear.
  • Tap Join Virtual Queue.
  • You'll receive your Boarding Group number if you were successful.

There is another method if refreshing doesn't seem to work well for you. Stay on that screen with Disneyland and Disney California Adventure at the top. At enrollment time (or about 1 second before), tap Disney California Adventure and then tap Join Virtual Queue. You can also pull down and hold when refreshing and release your finger at the time to join. We have joined using a variety of methods and we have also failed at joining. It comes down to speed and your phone's signal. Ticket or party issues used to be a problem for some people, but now that can be done in advance, eliminating that problem.

To check your status, you have two options:

  • You can tap My Queues in the Virtual Queue box.
  • You can tap the three lines in the bottom right corner of the app, then tap Virtual Queues.

Keep an eye on which groups are boarding and the estimated time before your group is called. Once it's time to ride, you will receive a notification that it's time to head to the attraction by a specified time. You may have just an hour to return. Click View Entry Code to display your code for scanning by a cast member to access the attraction. We always recommend taking a screenshot just in case you have problems pulling it up when you need to or in case lines take longer than planned. Have your entry code out for scanning at the attraction entrance.

Hopfully, we've answered your questions about the Disneyland virtual queue system. If you still need Disneyland tickets, you can save some green when you purchase discounted multi-day tickets through your favorite froggy friends.

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Keep hopping!

Keep hopping, Leap!
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Nov 12, 2021 at 5:50 a.m. Derek Terry Says...

If I buy the 3-Day 1-Park per day ticket on your site can I use the Virtual Queue System at 7am before I activate the e-ticket at the gate?

Nov 12, 2021 at 8:20 a.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Derek!

You'll just need to link your ticket to your Disneyland account in the Disneyland app before the virtual queue opens. As long as your tickets are linked, you can use the 7 a.m. virtual queue.

Keep hopping!


Nov 9, 2021 at 5:04 p.m. Jon Says...

My family and I live in Texas and have been to Disneyland 5 times and DisneyWorld 48 times over the years. We just went to Disneyland in October. The lines varied but most were manageable and we had an acceptable time - not the best.

The big disappointment was the Virtual Queue. Considering having to buys tickets make a reservation and add everything to the app, then trying to work the virtual queue was just impossible! I am on the older side and am fairly computer capable, but what Disney is now asking guests to do just to ride one ride is totally unacceptable. The entire system is too complicated.

I am not sure if we will ever go back to any Disney park again. It's just not fun anymore. We might have to just enjoy memories of the good and uncomplicated times in the past.

Good luck to newcomers!

Oct 15, 2021 at 3:29 p.m. Phyllis Hanan Says...

Unfortunately senior citizens who love the Disney rides, or are Magic Key holders, will never be able to navigate this system. It’s much too complicated and most times their iPhones aren’t as up-to-date and their fingers aren’t as fast. Wish there was another option.

Sep 29, 2021 at 3:15 p.m. Mia Says...

Hi. Can i only join the virtual queue for the day i purchased the ticket? I’m not able to join in advance correct ?

Sep 29, 2021 at 10:21 a.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Mia!

Correct! You can only join a virtual queue on the day(s) that you have valid admission and a park reservation.

Keep hopping!


Sep 8, 2021 at 11:02 p.m. lizdehaye@gmail.com Says...

This is our third day trying to get into Rise, and even using an exact clock, we were only able to get in back up group 268. We got in yesterday, back up 350 but it eventually told us they were at capacity. I can't imagine trying on a day in peak season! How many boarding groups get to ride in a day, on average?

Aug 17, 2021 at 4:10 p.m. Jerry Says...

Hi guys!

Do you know if there will be virtual queues during the Ophir boogie bash? And if I have a ticket for such event will I be able to join a regular virtual queue??

Thanks in advance!!

Aug 17, 2021 at 12:46 p.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Jerry!

So far, we know that Avengers Campus will be open during Oogie Boogie Bash, but no word yet if WEB SLINGERS will be using a virtual queue (or not) during the event.

Keep hopping!


Jul 9, 2021 at 1:40 p.m. Tiffany Dressler Says...

Hi! Thanks for much for all the great info! To clarify, for a family of 4, for example, all of our tickets MUST be registered to my Disneyland app account in order for all of us to join a queue? If all 4 are not registered, then only the registered can join? Thanks! :-) We have a cast member using their passes to get three out of the four of us in to the park, but not sure yet how the comp tickets work these days - if we’re able to gain access to the passes ahead of time.

Jul 9, 2021 at 2:59 p.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Tiffany!

Thanks for hopping by! We are not sure exactly how the comp tickets work, but all tickets need to be linked to the app to join the queue. If you have the tickets before you visit (or the cast member can share the code or number with you), you can link it before your visit. If they have the sort of pass that requires them to take you inside the park and then you receive the ticket upon entering, you will likely be entering the park after the 7 a.m. joining period, and you'll only be able to join at noon. Once you receive the tickets at the gate, you can link them to your Disneyland account.

Keep hopping!


Jul 28, 2021 at 5:24 a.m. Mchavez Says...

Help! My son is going to Disneyland with 5 friends. They all downloaded the app and purchased their own ticket. However, I purchased my son’s ticket on my app not his and I’m not going to Disneyland with him. How do I transfer the ticket on my app to his? As for my son’s friend’s wanting to try to get a Virtual Queue for Rise of the Resistance do they all need to transfer their tickets to one person and if so the person with all the tickets on their phone would only show his phone when entering the park since they linked them all together or does each individual still use the app on there phone to enter the park? Hope this makes sense, thank you!

Jul 28, 2021 at 11:27 a.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi there!

You can link his ticket to his own account by either scanning the code on the ticket (or manually inputing the ticket number). Once his ticket is linked, you'll still be able to see the ticket in both your account and his account. As for getting a Boarding Group with his friends, there are a couple of ways they can do it. 1) Make sure that each person's ticket is linked to all accounts of everyone in the party. Then multiple people can try getting a Boarding Group at the same time since everyone's tickets are linked to each other. Or 2) Have a designated person attempt joining a Boarding Group and everyone sends a screenshot of their ticket code to link it. But if multiple people try it and they don't have everyone linked, it could result in an error by leaving people out. We have another post about joining a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance that may help as well.

Keep hopping!


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