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What You Need to Know About the Interactive Experiences at Sesame Street

by Mommy Frog on May 4, 2022 Orlando

Interactive Experiences at Sesame Street - PinterestWe love spending sunny days with our favorite neighbors in Sesame Street Land! Ever since Elmo, Big Bird and friends moved to SeaWorld Orlando, we’ve been hoppin’ back to visit 123 Sesame Street. The tadpole-friendly rides and the new, high-energy parade are super fun (Lily got a kick out of Cookie Monster’s cookie jar float!). But the interactive experiences at Sesame Street are what really make the land incredibly immersive! If you’ve ever wanted to ring Bert and Ernie’s doorbell, you’ve got a chance to do so. Take a peek at these interactive spots so you don’t miss them when you’re strolling around the neighborhood.

Interactive Experiences at Sesame Street

The Orlando theme parks have truly embraced creating immersive and interactive experiences for park guests (Universal Orlando Resort is home to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, while Walt Disney World recently opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!). And SeaWorld Orlando is no different with Sesame Street! The land, based off of the classic children’s television show, is sure to bring smiles to the faces of tadpoles and frog parents alike.

You can find these interactive experiences at Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando scattered around the neighborhood. To add to the fun, you can get a special Elmo light-up bubble wand that will interact with these elements. Just tap the wand wherever you see a yellow star!

Sesame Street Interactive Experiences - Girl with Elmo Wand

Bike Shop Tricycle Challenge

Outside the window of the Bike Shop, you can challenge yourself to a game that tests your virtual tricycle riding skills. With motion-sensing technology, use your body to control the tricycle to collect numbers as you race against the clock.

Two-Headed Monster’s Pipe Telephone

Approach the Ivy Building door, and speak into one end of the pipe telephone to talk to the Two-Headed Monster. Listen closely as your voice turns into a friendly monster voice!

Elmo’s Window

Visit Elmo’s window and greet him and his friends, as you play, dance and sing along! When Lily stopped by, she helped Elmo and Abby Cadabby increase the Happy Meter.

Sesame Street Apartment Intercom

Sesame Street Interactive Experiences - Apartment Intercom

Grover, Rosita and Abby Cadabby have unique apartment numbers, so you need to press the intercom buttons in the correct order to hear a response from each of them. There’s even a mystery friend to call!

Bert and Ernie’s Doorbell

Ring the doorbell outside Bert and Ernie’s apartment. In response, you’ll hear fun reactions from them!

Yip Yip’s Mail Slot

Lift the handle of the mail slot to see the Yip Yip Martians in different locations, such as the beach, at a disco and more.


Use your Bubble Wand or the touchscreens on the washing machines to pop digital bubbles that will tell you what kind of items are inside.

Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck Challenge

Sesame Street Interactive Experiences - Food Truck Challenge

When you momma and poppa frogs hop in line for food, let the tadpoles play at the nearby foodie truck challenge. Help Cookie Monster and Gonger prepare delicious meals by following along with the video instructions and pressing the correct buttons for the right ingredients!

Oscar’s Trash Can

There’s a sign that reads, “Do not knock on can!” But Tad ignored it anyway … he got a grouchy response from Oscar.

Backstage Queue Warm-Up

While you’re waiting in line to meet your favorite Sesame Street friends, the queue features six non-digital activities inspired by theatrical performer warm-ups. You’ll be all ready for your close-up with Elmo and Cookie Monster by the time it’s your turn.


Sesame Street Interactive Experiences - Create-A-Monster

Create your own digital monster friend! You get to choose the eyes, nose, mouth, clothes and accessories. Once it’s complete, find your monster on the Community Center windows!

The interactive experiences at Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando add a fun, immersive touch for tadpoles! Lily loves the Foodie Truck Challenge — what's your favorite? 

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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