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Everything You Need to Know About Super Nintendo World Orlando

by Tad on May 21, 2023 Orlando

Super Nintendo World Orlando - PinterestMamma mia, it's-a me, Tad, the resident gamer of the Frog Fam. It seems like every day, construction on Universal's Epic Universe keeps progressing more and more. While so many details about Universal Orlando Resort's upcoming fourth gate have yet to be confirmed, there is one land we know for certain will grace this 750-acre site. Upon the opening of Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood, the Chairman and CEO of Universal Destinations & Experiences confirmed Super Nintendo World will be a part of Epic Universe, when the new park opens in summer 2025. Let's-a-go and unpack everything we know so far about this interactive and immersive land!

Super Nintendo World in Japan and Hollywood

Before we talk about what will be, we need to talk about what has been. The reason is that Super Nintendo World in both Universal Studios Japan and Universal Studios Hollywood will house some of our biggest clues for what we can expect when the land opens at Universal Orlando in 2025. The land opened in Japan in March 2021 and in Hollywood in February 2023, and both versions of it have been massive hits with both theme park and video game fans alike!

Super Nintendo World Rides

Both Japan and Hollywood have similar ride adaptations of the same beloved game, Mario Kart. This thrilling racing adventure pits you and your fellow frogs against Team Bowser as you steer through various courses, collecting coins and throwing shells to win the Golden Cup. Using cutting-edge technology which combines augmented reality, projection mapping and screen projection with physical sets to recreate iconic environments, you can compete as an individual and as part of a team while you play alongside your favorite Super Mario characters and aim for the finish line. Multiple outcomes and the chance to raise your score make this attraction more fun each time you ride!

Super Nintendo World Orlando - Bowser's Challenge

Additionally, Japan also houses a more tadpole-friendly attraction. Yoshi's Adventure takes frogs on a treasure hunt to find three mysterious eggs, all while providing a spectacular view of the Mushroom Kingdom from Mount Beanpole.

Super Nintendo World Shops

Super Nintendo World Orlando - 1-Up Factory

Every good ride ends at a gift shop and it's no different in the Mushroom Kingdom! The 1-UP Factory is where you can purchase the perfect souvenir. Browse through an extensive collection of merchandise, including Nintendo apparel, iconic hats and headwear, plush characters and more.

Super Nintendo World Restaurants

Super Nintendo World Orlando - Fire Flower Spaghetti

Named Kinopio's Cafe in Japan and Toadstool Cafe in Hollywood, the lone Super Nintendo World restaurant brings you inside the Toad House where you can indulge in tasty creations crafted by Chef Toad himself. The coolest thing about this restaurant is the windows where you can watch toads cooking up delicious dishes in the kitchen and daily life in the Mushroom Kingdom as the toads work, play ... and occasionally run for cover during an attack from Bowser's airship. Some of the items you'll find at both versions of this restaurant include Fire Flower Spaghetti & Meatballs, Piranha Plant Caprese, Mushroom Soup, ? Block Tiramisu and Super Star Lemon Squash.

Super Nintendo World Characters

Super Nintendo World Orlando - Peach

On both continents, frogs can line up to meet the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi, and their lovely princess, Peach. You can even meet the adorable Toad in Japan!

Power-Up Band Key Challenges

Perhaps the most unique element of Super Nintendo World is the use of Power-Up Bands. These interactive bands allow you to level up your experience in Super Nintendo World by collecting coins and keys throughout the land to unlock a final showdown against Bowser Jr. Frogs can even use the park's app (or visit various checkpoints in the land) to track their score against other teams.

Super Nintendo World Orlando - Key Challenges

Bowser Jr. has stolen the Golden Mushroom! Throughout the land, there are Key Challenges where you can face off against the tiny Koopa's underlings and collect the keys to infiltrate their lair. After obtaining the keys, frog squads can team up in a final Shadow Showdown with Bowser Jr. himself where you'll work together to retrieve the mushroom for Princess Peach. You can also use the Power-Up Bands to punch blocks throughout the land to stock up on digital coins and stamps.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Orlando Resort

Hopping back over to Florida, here's what we know about Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe. Like its counterparts, this land will blur the lines between reality and video games. Beyond that, though ... nothing else has been confirmed by Universal. However, from the looks of construction, we can expect this land to be the largest version of Super Nintendo World yet.

Super Nintendo World Orlando - Epic Universe

Additionally, based on the ongoing construction and the concept art Universal dropped when they announced the park, it seems there are three separate attractions currently taking shape in Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe. The first of those is what looks to be that signature, interactive Mario Kart augmented reality ride. The second one is the slow-moving, family-friendly Yoshi's Adventure, which we can already see the track being laid for.

Super Nintendo World Orlando - Mario Kart Entrance

The third ride, though, has us practically leaping out of our seats. Rumored to be one of the most advanced roller coasters ever created, frogs would be able to board a mine cart and enter Donkey Kong Country. Be prepared to dodge and jump over rolling barrels as you ride past lush trees and flowing water and inside Donkey Kong's jungle temple. What makes this ride so special is that it's said to be utilizing theming and coaster track elements that have never been used before to make it seem like your runaway mine cart will jump over gaps in the track (all while keeping you safely secured). How cool is that?!? This ride will actually open first in Universal Studios Japan in 2024 as part of a massive expansion to the existing Super Nintendo World there.

Of course, we expect this land will also open with its trademark Key Challenges. If you're wondering where to get your Power-Up Bands (and signature headwear), the land will most likely feature several merchandise carts, as well as two separate retail locations.

Super Nintendo World Orlando - Toadstool Cafe

As far as dining goes, we can most likely expect that Toadstool Cafe will appear here, as well as various snack windows that are also found in Japan's version of the land. Not only that but the Donkey Kong section is rumored to house a tiki bar!

Super Nintendo World Orlando - Luigi

Frogs can also expect to meet beloved characters from the Super Mario games ... and potentially even the Donkey Kong games, as well.

Remember, though, only the existence of the land itself has been confirmed by Universal thus far. Bookmark this blog because we'll be updating it with all the frogciting details as they officially get announced.

Super Nintendo World Orlando - Entrance

Which elements of Super Nintendo World at Universal Orlando are you most excited about? Share with us in the comments below!

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Stay cool!

Keep hopping, Tad!
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