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by Mommy Frog on February 2, 2024 Washington, D.C.

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Since its grand opening over 40 years ago, Kings Dominion has been Virginia's ultimate destination for family fun. With 13 rip-roaring roller coasters, new lands to be explored — such as the recently rethemed Jungle X-Pedition — beloved characters to greet and an epic 20-acre water park, there's something every member of your frog squad will enjoy! Hop along with us as we dive deep into all the world-class thrills, fun and family entertainment that Kings Dominion & Soak City Water Park have to offer!

Kings Dominion - Grizzly


Overview of Kings Dominion Amusement Park & Soak City Water Park

Spanning 400 acres and housing more than 60 rides, shows and attractions (including 13 wild roller coasters and a 20-acre water park), Kings Dominion & Soak City is the ultimate vacation destination. It's also the only place in Virginia where you'll find two parks in one. That means from timid tadpoles to experienced thrill-seekers, there's something for absolutely everyone.

Kings Dominion has changed and grown a lot since it first opened in 1975, but currently, it's broken up into six sections. Candy Apple Grove is the largest section of the park and is themed to both orchards and the 1950s. Jungle X-Pedition just recently reopened with new immersive theming and sends frogs to an archaeological base camp in a mysterious jungle. International Street is the park's main entry area and showcases various European cultures, with buildings representing France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. Old Virginia — along with International Street — is the only remaining original section of the park and is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains with a vintage, rustic theme. Planet Snoopy is, fittingly, where you'll find all things PEANUTS. Lastly, Soak City is a wet and wild water park with thrills and chills for the whole family!

Kings Dominion Hours and Location

Kings Dominion - Map

After experimenting with year-round operations in 2023, Kings Dominion decided to return to seasonal operations for 2024! This means the park is closed for the entirety of February 2024 and will reopen for normal day-time operations on select dates starting on March 23, 2024. Daily day-time operations begin on May 24, 2024, and go until Aug. 18, 2024.

Kings Dominion can open as early as 9 a.m. on weekdays and 11a.m. on weekends and close as late as 10 p.m. on both weekdays and weekends (excluding special event nights). Soak City also begins its season around Memorial Day and closes out around Labor Day. The water park operates from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. every day.

Kings Dominion is located at 16000 Theme Park Way in Doswell, VA — 20 miles north of Richmond and 75 miles south of Washington, D.C.

Depending on the time of year, certain sections of the park can be closed for refurbishment. Be sure to check the most updated map before you arrive to see what's currently operating!

Parking is $25 per vehicle for regular parking at the Front Gate and $35 for preferred. A limited number of disability parking spaces are available near the Front Gate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tickets for Kings Dominion & Soak City

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Kings Dominion & Soak City offer three different tiers of Season Passes (Silver, Gold and Platinum), Daily Admission Tickets, Bring-A-Friend Tickets for season passholders, various types of group rates and military discounts on admission tickets and Gold Passes. Your admission to Kings Dominion includes all rides, live shows and attractions and the Soak City Water Park. Your admission doesn't include the Grand Prix Raceway, SkyFlyer or events that require separate admission. Save some green by purchasing your Single Day Admission Tickets through Undercover Tourist!

Rides at Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion - Roller Coaster

Kings Dominion separates its rides into five different thrill level categories: Low, Mild, Moderate, High and Aggressive. Take stock with your frog squad and map out which rides satisfy your need for speed or are the ones you'll race to with tiny tadpoles in tow. Let's break down some of the highlights from each category:

Low Thrill Level

Carousel: A carnival classic and tradition for many families, the Carousel is perfect for teeny tiny tadpoles and parents who want to indulge their sense of nostalgia. What makes this merry-go-round special is that it's actually one of the last wooden carousels operating in the world!

Peanuts Turnpike: Hop behind the wheel and take a spin around the neighborhood on PEANUTS Turnpike. Having opened in 1978 and then rethemed in 2013, young drivers will love putting the pedal to the metal in these two-seated passenger cars.

Mild Thrill Level

Americana: The entire family will love taking a ride on this staple amusement park attraction. Be prepared to travel as high as 110 feet on this giant Ferris wheel — the first-ever Ferris wheel to be introduced at Kings Dominion!

Charlie Brown's Wind Up: Get settled and prepare for major-league fun on these free-hanging swings that turn and lift high in the air. Wave to your adoring fans as you speed around and around with your feet dangling free as a bird.

Flying Ace Balloon Ride: Take flight on this hot air balloon adventure which sends froggies on a colorful, free-spirited chase across the sky. Step inside your four-passenger gondola and imagine where in the world you would want to fly to!

Joe Cool's Driving School: Tadpoles will love driving through this enclosed course with its own street signs and traffic signals. Even the smallest of drivers can experience the fun of the hectic highway as they steer a pint-sized car around the Planet Snoopy Expressway.

Lucy's Crabbie Cabbies: Tadpoles can hop in the driver's seat and put the pedal to the metal in these two-passenger bumper cars that can cheer up even the most cranky of drivers. This jostling and jovial attraction has been open for as many years as Kings Dominion itself!

PEANUTS 500: On your mark, get set, go! Choose your own colorful, pint-sized car and compete in one of the hottest races. Young racecar drivers will have to zoom down the speedway, around tight, hairpin turns and past the checkered flag to take home this coveted Cup.

Snoopy vs. Red Baron: Lend Snoopy a paw on his hunt for the Red Baron. Become a fighter pilot and join the Flying Ace in one of his miniature fighter plans as you take the controls and dip or climb on this mild (or wild) adventure!

Snoopy's Space Buggies: Up, up and away! Board one of Snoopy's intergalactic vehicles and soar into outer space. This flight to the stars will have you bouncing up and down and giggling with Snoopy and Woodstock and making memories with your tadpoles.

Moderate Thrill Level

Arachnidia: Climb aboard this multi-armed mechanism as you scramble your way through one wild, web-spinning adventure. Prepare to twist, turn and spin both continuously both clockwise and counterclockwise on this centrifugal-forced ride that pays tribute to the Goliath Tarantula.

Blue Ridge Tollway: Hop behind the wheel of a classic gas-powered antique car and take a leisurely drive along the Blue Ridge Tollway. A must-do attraction for families, this ride is beloved by young drivers who don't yet own a license.

Flying Eagles: Take to the skies and spin at high speeds as you take control of your own flying eagle in this mild (or wild) 3-minute ride experience. Once you're in the air, riders can take matters into their own hands and decide whether they want to soar at a high or low altitude.

Reptilian: Glide through the waters of the brand new Jungle X-Pedition and zigzag through the mud clay that circles the jungle on this high-speed adventure that's the only ride of its kind in the Americas!

High Thrill Level

Berserker: Brave the scathing winds and gnarly waves of the Northern European seas on this swinging Viking ship that gains speed and altitude with each cycle. Be prepared because this vessel, once at the top, suspends brave riders upside down for one breathtaking moment.

Drop Tower: Undoubtedly one of the park's most thrilling rides, this jaw-dropping drop tower plunges frogs a staggering 27 stories from a height of 305 feet at a speed of 72 mph — making this the longest Gyro height drop in the world.

Grizzly: Adventure seekers will love roaring down the 3,150 feet of track through a dense forest on this fan-favorite wooden coaster. You'll experience an abundance of airtime on several drops throughout this daring double-figure-eight layout.

Shenandoah Lumber Company: Be prepared to get wet. This splash-filled water adventure for frogs of all ages will send you floating through an excursion in the wilderness before plunging down a thrilling 40-foot waterfall.

Windseeker: Strap in for some big-kid fun on this high-flying swing that reaches incredible speeds of 30 mph and a dizzying height of 300 feet with spectacular aerial views of the park and surrounding countryside.

Aggressive Thrill Level

Backlot Stunt Coaster: This state-of-the-art linear induction motor launch coaster delivers a high-speed experience like no other that accelerates you from 0 to 40 mph in three seconds before sending you up, down and around a series of twists, turns and drops.

Dominator: Experience non-stop action on the longest floorless steel roller coaster in the world. This bad boy reaches speeds up to 67 mph and features five intense inversions — including one of the largest vertical loops on the planet.

Intimidator 305: Hold on tight. Voted the "Best New Roller Coaster of 2010" by Amusement Today, this ride stands 305 feet tall at its highest point and features a maddening 300-foot drop at an epic 85-degree angle before sending you over high-speed twists and thrilling turns.

Twisted Timbers: You're invited to experience an exclusive tour of the now-famed Hanover Hill Orchard on a one-of-a-kind ride that features a 109-foot-tall barrel roll drop and over 20 awesome airtime hills at speeds of 54 mph.

Fast Lane

Looking to make the most out of your day and maximize your time? Consider purchasing Fast Lane, a wristband that allows you to bypass the regular lines on 18 fan-favorite attractions, including Dominator, Twisted Timbers and Delirium. With this pass, you can ride as many times as you want all day long! If you're coming to Kings Dominion regularly, look into buying a Season Pass Fast Lane. This pass allows you to speed past the regular wait lines on 14 of your favorite attractions each time you come to the park in the 2024 season. Fast Lanes and rides are subject to availability and park admission is not included in your purchase.

Dining and Shopping at Kings Dominion & Soak City

From sweet funnel cakes to fresh rotisserie meats, Kings Dominion and Soak City have something to please any palette. The parks also cater to many different allergies and dietary restrictions with options for frogs who prefer their food dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, soy-free, peanut oil and/or nut-free, vegetarian and vegan!

In 2021, Grain & Grill opened on International Street. This all-new dining experience features locally sourced seasonal ingredients and allows frogs to make their dish uniquely with hundreds of combinations to try.

In 2022, the addition of Jungle X-Pedition brought along four new eateries where brave explorers can fuel up for a day of adventure! Stop by The Outpost Café for tasty entrées, such as Fire Seared Prime Rib and Crispy Fried Shrimp, and delicious desserts, such as Lemon Box Squares and Double Chocolate Cake. Enter The Jungle Market Eatery for fresh food right off the grill, such as a traditional cheeseburger or one of its signature burgers. Hop over to Excavators' Taters for savory fresh-cut fries and various other tasty fried potato treats. Dig Site Bites will serve up quick snacks and open at a later date.

Additionally, other restaurants in the parks have recently received updated menus to keep things fresh and exciting! Chicken Shack in Jungle X-Pedition specializes in all things poultry, serving up dishes, such as classic chicken fingers and the new Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. Juke Box Diner in Candy Apple Grove serves up signature diner dishes, such as the new Savory Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken Fried Steak. Lastly, Fountains & Floats on International Street serves up specialty milkshakes and other treats to satisfy your sweet tooth including the new Giant Cookie Wich.

At Soak City, you'll find familiar brands to keep you cool, such as Dippin' Dots, ICEE Mix-it-Up and Rita's Italian Ice. You'll also find mouthwatering Asian cuisine at Beachside Bowls, delicious and warm flatbreads at Pizza Paradise and delectable and savory pub fare at The Captain's Catch, among several other frogtastic restaurants.

Looking to save some green on food and drinks during the 2024 season? Kings Dominion has several different dining add-ons that are all definitely worth considering. Starting at $99, frogs can enjoy lunch and dinner during every visit with the All Season Dining plan. Starting at $34.99, frogs can enjoy refreshing fountain beverages, ICEEs, hot chocolate and coffee with the Season Pass Drink Plan or the Season Pass Drink Plan+.

For only $34.99, frogs can get free refills during the 2024 season with the All Season Drink Bottle. For only $18.99, frogs can enjoy refreshing Coca-Cola beverages all day long with the Souvenir Bottle or Drink Wristband. For only $46.99, frogs can get a Drink Wristband and a select entrée and side or snack throughout the day at participating locations with the Premium All Day Dining plan. For only $34.99, frogs can enjoy an entrée and a side at participating restaurants with the All Day Dining plan. Lastly, for only $17.99, frogs can enjoy an entrée, side and regular-sized fountain drink at participating locations with the Single Meal Deal.

Whether you want to commemorate your trip with an awesome souvenir or are in desperate need of a theme park essential, Kings Dominion and Soak City have you covered. Head to AirBrush Designs to have an artist create a custom-designed T-shirt. Stop by Antique Photos to get an old-time photo taken with themed costumes and backgrounds. Visit La Dulce Vida Sweets, Treats & More for your favorite candies and chocolates available by the pound, PLUS gourmet and specialty treats, such as signature fudge and homemade candy apples. Enter Mary's Shorts & Shades to stock up on poolside necessities, such as swimwear, towels and sandals. Hop by Snoopy Boutique to purchase Snoopy and PEANUTS apparel, toys and more.

Entertainment at Kings Dominion & Soak City

Kings Dominion - Planet Snoopy

With brand new shows debuting this year, there's plenty of amazing entertainment to enjoy when you're looking to take a break from the thrills. Enjoy some live music as the Bands in Residence jam out in Victoria's Pizza on Saturdays and Sundays this winter. Once you head over to Planet Snoopy, be sure to get your cameras out! The PEANUTS gang is hanging out at Craft Depot and ready for hugs and high-fives. Be sure to check the show schedule on the Kings Dominion Mobile App when you arrive for an updated list of all the entertainment hoppening the day of your visit!

Soak City Water Park

Located at the back of Kings Dominion, Soak City is a wet and wild 20-acre water park featuring a massive wave pool, extreme water slides, an interactive splash pad for tadpoles and much, much more. Kings Dominion announced the opening of Soak City in 2015 as part of an expansion of the former WaterWorks that included a new slide complex featuring three unique slides and a new children's area. In 2021, Coconut Shores, a new sub-area, opened that features a multi-story water play structure and a children's wave pool. The best part about a trip to Soak City? It's included with park admission to Kings Dominion!

Tadpoles are sure to love attractions such as Lil' Barefoot Beach, a spacious splash-filled pool just for the little ones, and Sand Dune Lagoon, a 36-inch deep kiddie wave pool that features one-foot tall waves and interactive splash elements. Frogs of all ages will enjoy cooling off and chilling out on the 1,000-foot-long Lazy River which provides blissful relaxation and gorgeous scenery along the way.

Frogs looking for a more manageable thrill will love attractions such as Baja Bends, a fiberglass waterslide with some terrific twists and turns. Thrill-seekers are also absolutely catered to with rides such as Hurricane Heights, a 65-foot tall slide that sends riders twisting and spiraling at high speeds through an enclosed chute featuring an almost vertical freewill and four intense 360-degree loops, and Thunder Falls, twin slides that shoot you down a series of high-speed drops and offers a variety of exciting twists and turns.

Cabanas are available for purchase for a variety of party sizes — all of which include patio tables and chairs, chaise lounge chairs and food and beverage service — as are Luxury Loungers that accommodate two guests and offer a relaxing break from the splashes.

Special Events at Kings Dominion & Soak City

Kings Dominion - WinterFest

Kings Dominion hosts some incredibly fun annual events throughout its season. Here's a brief breakdown of the family-friendly festivities.

Opening Weekend — March 23-24, 2024

Mark your calendars for Kings Dominion's Opening Weekend and enjoy another frogtastic season of rides, shows and attractions at Central Virginia's home of thrills and excitement. From the littlest thrill seeker to the most hardcore adrenaline junkie, there's something for everyone!

Spring Break — March 29 to April 7, 2024

Put down the textbooks and head to Kings Dominion! Enjoy thrills and spring break activities for frogs of all ages — from its 14-acre Planet Snoopy tadpoles' area to its 13 world-class roller coasters. Don't froget to explore Jungle X-Pedition and take a wild, tumbling ride on Tumbili, Virginia's first 4D spin coaster!

Easter Weekend — March 30-31, 2024

Meet Eggward the Easter Bunny and Snoopy the Easter Beagle on International Street during Easter weekend at Kings Dominion. After you're done stuffing your face with chocolate, work off that sugar rush and enjoy the rest of the park until close!

Soak City Waterpark Opening Day — May 25, 2024

A summer of splashes kicks off when Soak City opens its doors for the 2024 season. Throw on your bathing suit and enjoy the thrills, chills and spills at this 20-acre waterpark, featuring dozens of water slides, splash pads, a wave pool, a lazy river, cabanas and so much more!

Memorial Day Weekend — May 25-27, 2024

Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend at Kings Dominion on Saturday, May 25th, Sunday, May 26th and Monday, May 27th. Enjoy acres of frogerrific family fun while the park honors and pays tribute to our late service members.

4th of July Fireworks — July 4-6, 2024

Kings Dominion is the perfect place to celebrate the Fourth of July with your loved ones! After a full day of riding coasters and having a splashing good time in Soak City, sit back, relax and enjoy the park's dazzling display of fireworks set to patriotic tunes.

Grand Carnivale — Select Days, July 13 to July 28, 2024

Experience how the world kicks up its heels at the park's day-to-night, larger-than-life, international celebration. Enjoy live music, tasty global cuisine, lively games and unique crafts during the day and the spectacular nighttime parade and high-energy block party at night!

Halloween Haunt — Select Nights, Sept. 20 to Oct. 27 2024

Terror awaits on select fall nights when hundreds of monsters are unleashed and horrifying nightmares come to life. Enjoy thrilling rides, haunted mazes, sinister scare zones and the spookiest of live shows during an event that's sure to scare the living daylights out of you.

Tricks and Treats — Saturdays & Sundays, Sept. 21 to Oct. 27, 2024

If you're looking for a spooktacular family-friendly Halloween event, head on over to Tricks and Treats. Your tadpole will enjoy spooky, kooky Halloween activities, live shows, a costume content, seasonal food and drinks and, of course, a plethora of candy!

WinterFest — Select Nights, Nov. 29 to Dec. 31, 2024

Enter a winter wonderland with millions of shimmering lights, breathtaking decor and lavish displays. Create lasting holiday memories with your frog squad and enjoy live shows, delicious holiday treats, fun Christmas activities and one of the largest ice-skating rinks around.

New Year's Eve at WinterFest — Dec. 31, 2024

Enjoy an enchanting evening of pure amazement as Kings Dominion bids farewell to 2024 with festive fun for all ages. Get ready to dance under the Eiffel Tower with a DJ spinning party tunes and countdown to 2025 when the park will kick off the new year with an electric firework display!

Tips & Tricks for Kings Dominion & Soak City

Kings Dominion - Riders

Follow these terrific tips and trips for an epic trip to Kings Dominion and Soak City!

  • Get the most out of every visit to the park by downloading the official Kings Dominion App. This free app is packed with hopful information including ride wait times, an interactive map, special offers only available to app users and a car finder. You can also store your Season Pass in the app for easy entry to the park!
  • Kings Dominion has moved to all cashless payments throughout the entire park. Simply swipe or tap your credit or debit card or smart device with Apple or Google Pay for faster, safer and more secure checkout! (If you don't own a card, don't worry! You'll find Cash-to-Card Kiosks around the park where you can convert your cask into a prepaid debit card you can use anywhere with zero fees.)
  • Capture, collect and share your valuable memories with FunPix. A Single Day purchase gives you unlimited digital downloads of all the professional park photos you took during your visit! You can also purchase All Season FunPix for unlimited photos from every visit during the 2024 season!
  • Single and Double Stroller Rentals are available to rent — as are Manual Wheelchairs and Electric Wheelchairs, with or without a shade canopy! Head to "Upgrade Your Day" near the Main Entrance early in your park day as supplies are limited.
  • Hats, bags, purses and other loose articles may not be taken into the queue lines at Twisted Timbers, Intimidator 305 and Flight of Fear. Unsecured articles must be left with a non-rider or placed in a locker near each of those rides.
  • Parents with teeny tiny tadpoles can enjoy the Planet Snoopy Family Care Center. This newly expanded 1,100-square-foot facility is located next to the Planet Snoopy restrooms and features a room for parents to feed their children and a microwave to warm up bottles.

Curious to know more about Kings Dominion & Soak City? Hit us up with any questions you have in the comments below!

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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