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All of the Magical Details on Disneyland's Brand-New 'Magic Happens' Parade

by Mommy Frog on February 17, 2020 Los Angeles

Our Frog Family digs Disney magic. We get chills from watching fireworks, World of Color or Fantasmic!. Disneyland is truly one of the most magical places on Earth! Then, our hearts flutter over all of the magical moments in Disney movies when we watch as a family. You know those kind of moments: A fairy godmother appears and waves her wand to turn rags into a sparkling gown and mice into coachmen. So you can understand our excitement when we heard that the the all-new Disneyland parade, "Magic Happens," is showcasing some of those magical Disney moments in real life! "Magic Happens" will make its way down the Disneyland parade route beginning Feb. 28, 2020, at 3:30 and 6 p.m. It's hoppening!

The Best Viewing of the Magic Happens Parade - Cinderella Pumpkin

This colorful daytime parade is the first new daytime parade in nearly a decade! Magic Happens features all brand-new floats and characters from many classic and new Disney stories. There are over 90 performers in the parade, and more than two dozen of them are Disney and Pixar characters!

Here’s what you need to know about Magic Happens, from what to expect from this new daytime parade, to where to get the best viewing location, to dining packages and merchandise available for you to enjoy. You know we’ll be hopping up and down on that parade route Feb. 28, so be sure to hop back for photos and follow along on our Instagram stories @ThemeParkFrog to get a first look at this spectacular parade! Tad will be filming it for our YouTube channel in case you just can’t wait to see it in person.

What to Expect in the Magic Happens Parade

The Best Viewing of the Magic Happens Parade - Mickey

Mickey Mouse will wave his magic wand from atop an iridescent float to lead the parade of spectacular floats and beautifully costumed characters. Mickey is joined by Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale. The float has a 15-foot-tall sorcerer's hat! The parade is set to a high-energy musical score that was co-composed by former cast member and singer/songwriter Todrick Hall, weaving in classic Disney tunes. A second song accompanies the grand finale floats. It combines musical themes from Disneyland's "Remember the Magic" parade and "Wishes" and "Remember ... Dreams Come True" fireworks spectaculars. We’re sure the result is pure magic!

The Magic Happens parade includes new floats that represent magical stories from Disney and Pixar. We do not yet know all the details of the floats, so we will just have to be surprised Feb. 28! Here's what we know so far.

Magic Happens Parade Floats and Characters

After Mickey and his pals kick off the parade, you'll be treated to many more floats and characters from various Disney movies, including some that have never been in a Disneyland parade before!

The Best Viewing of the Magic Happens Parade - Coco Float

When you see Magic Happens Parade, you’ll get to celebrate Disney and Pixar characters in their magical moments from the following movies:

  • “Moana” - Moana journeys forth on her boat, riding a towering wave. The float is artistically inspired by koa wood carvings and has dazzling LED screens to offer animated images of  magical ocean-based moments of Disney and Pixar characters. Look for Gramma Tala represented at the top of the float in manta ray form. Maui follows on his own island with Moana’s pet pig, Pua. The percussion instruments that follow the Moana float are inspired  by traditional Polynesian drums.
  • “Coco” - Miguel makes his debut as a person at the Disneyland Resort (we’ve only experienced a puppet version at Disney California Adventure). Miguel strums the guitar of Ernesto de la Cruz while joined by Dante and fantastical alebrije spirit animals, bridging the Land of the Living with the Land of the Dead. Watch Dante magically transform as he crosses the bridge. A pair of skeletons perform on a stage, and a dozen singing chihuahuas bring up the the rear. The float is decorated with 30,000 vibrant marigolds and is almost 36 feet long!
  • “Frozen II” Anna and Elsa head into the unknown to explore the mysteries of an enchanted forest with Olaf. Kristoff pushes a cart with his pal Sven. Nokk, the horse-shaped water spirit, leads the way. The large snowflake behind Elsa incorporates elemental symbols that represent water, fire, earth and wind.

All of the Magical Details on Disneyland's All-New "Magic Happens" Parade-Sleeping Beauty FinaleGrand Finale Floats

The grandest finale celebrates many magical characters and moments from classic Disney films such as "Aladdin," "Pinocchio" and "Peter Pan." The Sleeping Beauty float will be joined by smaller floats depicting magical moments from "The Princess and the Frog," "Cinderella" and "The Sword in the Stone." Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling the urge to put on Disney+ to re-watch some old Disney classics before this parade launches? The following floats are part of the finale:

  • The Pumpkin from "Cinderella" – Experience the moment Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother transforms her pumpkin into a carriage to whisk Cinderella off to the ball. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!
  • The Sword from "The Sword in the Stone" - Merlin leads the way for young Arthur, who magically pulls the sword from the stone to claim his place on the throne. Keep an eye out for Archimedes and the two squirrels, who represent the part of the film in which the characters transform into squirrels.
  • The Kiss from "The Princess & the Frog" – See Tiana and Naveen share a kiss among a swirl of flowers in the moment when they turn from frog to human form. Ribbit!
  • Once Upon a Dream from "Sleeping Beauty" - Fairy godmothers Flora, Fauna and Merryweather are revolving atop turrets as Aurora's shimmering gown changes colors from pink to blue and back again. This is the tallest float, with the top turret reaching about 30 feet tall! Aurora and Prince Philip dance as this grand finale float is joined by the other smaller floats.

How to Get the Best Viewing of the Magic Happens Parade

The Best Viewing of the Magic Happens Parade - Frozen Float

Each day has two parades. Parade times are generally 3:30 and 6:00 (but definitely check the show calendar before your visit in case of changes). No matter which parade you decide to catch, the ticket to good free viewing is to invest some time. With a new parade, people will be lining the streets to get a good view, and that means getting in place a few hours early. Chances are, the longer waits will be for the first parade. You might find it easier to hop in place as soon as the first parade passes by and the first viewers leave. We like to use this waiting time as rest time. Bring snacks and take a moment to rest your aching flippers! Need some suggestions? These are our favorite Disneyland Snacks! Is there ever a bad time for food shaped like Mickey? I didn’t think so! If you want something more substantial, we also have some favorite on-the-go Disneyland foods. Or, you could fill up on the dining package and secure reserved viewing (see below).

The Best Viewing of the Magic Happens Parade-Sword in the stoneIt’s important to know the direction of the parade. Why is that, you ask? Because you want the best view with the best angle without distractions. Generally, the first parade begins at “it’s a small world” and runs towards the front of the park. The second parade generally begins at the beginning of the park and ends at “it’s a small world.” You want to be able to see the parade coming and maybe even it see it make a turn so you can see more sides of the beautiful floats. We love being on the outside of the circle in front of the train station to best see all of the intricate details of the floats as they make their way around the bends.

Wherever you sit, you do not want to be sitting just behind one of the main crossing areas. At intervals, cast members will let large groups of people cross the street, and if you are sitting on the ground, you’ll be missing the approaching floats. It’s so distracting from the magic! You can, however, sit just in front of these crossing areas without it affecting your experience.

It’s also good to know which direction the parade is traveling because it can help you gauge when it will appear. The parade may start at 3:30 p.m., but you might not be seeing it until about 3:50 p.m. if you are seated near its end.

The areas around Main Street, U.S.A, tend to fill in quickly, as do any benches, curbs or shady spots. If you walk towards “it’s a small world,” you might have better luck finding a spot.

If you cannot secure front-row seating, go high! There is a raised area across from “it’s a small world” with great views of the parade. We also enjoy sitting up near the train station by the park entrance. You can see the parade from above. Also, if you are not sure if a roped area is for sitting, ask. You do not want the disappointment of camping out for an hour, only to find out that you have to move once there are no more spaces left. But sometimes what looks like a non-viewing area is empty and just waiting for you to claim it, so ask!

Be sure to check the weather. The parades usually do not run in the rain. Let’s hope for some of that sunshine Southern California is so well-known for! Sunshine means hats, sunglasses and sunscreen for comfortable waiting and parade viewing. (That is one of the reasons people fill up the shady spots first!)

Magic Happens Dining Packages

The Best Viewing of the Magic Happens Parade - Plaza Inn Dining Package

If you are not one to camp out for a good parade spot, then this is the package for you. You can book the Magic Happens dining package at Plaza Inn. By the way, Plaza Inn is one of our favorite quick-service Disneyland restaurants, known for the delicious fried chicken. Each package comes with one lunch entrée, one drink, a voucher that provides access to the parade's viewing area and a Plaza Inn credential. The packages runs $40 per adult and $24 per child ages 3 to 9. Annual Passholder discounts apply.

You can make lunch reservations between 1:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Parade vouchers are for the second parade. The menu includes short rib, chicken thigh, pesto-infused mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, corn relish and dessert. Vegetarian options are available. The kid's menu includes fried chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, corn relish, dessert and a choice of applesauce or baby carrots.

Magic Happens Merchandise

The Best Viewing of the Magic Happens Parade - Magic Happens Merchandise Ears

The same day that the parade makes its debut on Feb. 28, 2020, you can purchase Magic Happens merchandise, including baseball-style shirts, sorcerer hat ear headbands, sippers, light-up ornaments, pins and more. You can find them at the Emporium and Disney Showcase on Main Street, U.S.A.

There is so much to get excited for in 2020 with the new Magic Happens parade and the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival, both opening Feb. 28, and Avengers Campus opening in summer. Ready to hop to Disneyland to catch all of the magical new fun? Your favorite froggy friends can help you save some green if you are in need of discount multi-day Disneyland Resort tickets and hotel bookings in the Anaheim and Los Angeles area!

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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