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A Month-by-Month Guide to Disneyland Weather (And What to Pack!)

by Mommy Frog on March 21, 2023
Los Angeles

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The weather at Disneyland is always perfect (except for the few days a year when it’s just a tad less than ideal). If you are planning a trip to "The Happiest Place on Earth" from outside of Southern California, you'll want to know what to expect, and what to wear and bring with you. Let’s take a month-by-month look at Disneyland weather. Keep in mind that Disneyland’s weather is completely different from what you’d expect at Disney World, despite both being located in warm climates.

Disneyland Weather - Disneyland on a foggy morning

Southern California has one of the best climates in the world! It’s a Mediterranean-style climate, so it’s dry and pleasant. But that can also mean cool mornings and evenings, which are especially shocking if you come from a place with warm nights. Compared to Disney World, Disneyland will generally feel cooler and drier with much cooler nights. Even the same daytime temperatures might feel cooler with the lower humidity.

There are no hurricanes or tornadoes to worry about at Disneyland. Even thunder and lightning are pretty rare. You might get a freak winter storm with wind and rain, but that likely means that we're visiting with relatives from colder climates who were really hoping for some nice weather. Don’t worry ... things will be clear and sunny as soon as we leave ;) Croak, croak, croak. While you might get a rainstorm, the weather generally returns quickly to its pleasant state. That being said, 2023 was one of the rainiest winters Disneyland has seen in a long time. So always check the weather report before you visit.

A Month-by-Month Look at Disneyland Weather

Disneyland weather can be one of the factors that help you decide on the best time to visit Disneyland. First of all, Disneyland Park always feels a few degrees warmer than the weather report says it will, especially in the sun. Maybe it’s all the people, pavement and protected nature of it, but Disneyland runs a little hot compared to outside the park. Disney California Adventure can, in comparison, feel slightly more breezy and cool (especially at night) near the waters of Paradise Bay. On the other hand, you'll need to be extra mindful of the sun in low-shade areas such as Avengers Campus.

California's sun and low humidity make a big difference. On a sunny day, the temperature in the sun is significantly warmer than cooler temperatures in the shade. That's why shady curbs go first when people start picking their parade viewing. The sun will move from Tomorrowland toward Adventureland as the day progresses. You may be more likely to pack an umbrella for shade on a sunny day than to use it to keep you dry on a rainy day at Disneyland! The key to being comfortable is wearing light layers — and that goes for most seasons. Some years are drier than others, though expect more rain than usual in El Niño years.

A Month-by-Month Guide to Disneyland Weather (And What to Pack!) - churro in the rainWe used to watch the weather to pick the best day for our trip to visit Disneyland, so our schedule would be flexible, even with potential, last-minute changes. But with the new Disneyland Park reservation system, we need to be prepared for any weather since we made our reservations weeks, or even months, in advance. It may be harder to switch days last minute, especially during busier periods such as spring break, summer and the holidays. Our tadpoles find that their favorite Disneyland snacks can make up for less-than-perfect weather.

Let’s take a look at the average temperatures over 10 years for highs, lows and rainy days. Note: The following temperatures are measured by the Fahrenheit scale.


Average high: 67 degrees; average low: 52 degrees; average rainy days: 5 days

Disneyland Weather - People in spirit jerseys walk through Hollywood Land

Believe it or not, January is one of our favorite months to visit Disneyland. The weather can vary from year to year as some Januarys are rainier than others. We are seeing rainier-than-usual weather in early 2023. There are usually many clear, sunshiny days in January as well. This is what we call spirit jersey weather. If I can be comfortable in my Disneyland spirit jersey without having to move to short sleeves or add a layer (except for nighttime), I am a hoppy frog. (A spirit jersey, for those who don't know, is a souvenir long-sleeved heavy t-shirt that usually reads "Disneyland" across the shoulders, but not always. It is popular attire at Disneyland. It's that comfortable place between a t-shirt and sweatshirt.)

A Month-by-Month Guide to Disneyland Weather (And What to Pack!) - rainy dayYes, you can get some rainy days, but more often than not, the rain conveniently falls at night and clears up for the theme park hours. January is the driest month with an average relative humidity of 42.1 percent. Bring a raincoat and waterproof shoes if rain is in the forecast. I got a pair of all-weather waterproof sneakers and they keep my feet warm and dry during the rainy months ... even when I splash in puddles. The tadpoles prefer rain boots.

A Month-by-Month Guide to Disneyland Weather (And What to Pack!) - rain boots and umbrella

January usually has low crowds, but it also has less entertainment (outside of Lunar New Year in Disney California Adventure) and shorter park hours (after Holiday Time ends), so keep an eye out for that. It’s also the start of refurbishment season, which can last into May, and the back-to-back removal of holiday overlays for Haunted Mansion and “it’s a small world.” Usually, some kind of new entertainment kicks off near the end of January. On Jan. 27, 2023, the Disney 100 celebration began! That was also the opening day of Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway.

Highs are generally in the 60s (and may enter the 70s or 50s), but you might actually see the thermometer hit the low 80s for a few days. At night, the temperature usually hits the low 60s to the 50s. Add sweatshirts for mornings and evenings as well as beanies and small cloth gloves to keep your head and hands warm. They don’t take up much room in your bag, and you’ll be glad to have them. You'll be hoppy to have at least a thin jacket at night.


Average high: 66 degrees; average low: 52 degrees; average rainy days: 5 to 6 days

Disneyland Weather - Mickey Umbrella on a rainy day at Disney California Adventure

Similar to January, there are many sunny days, but there is a chance of rain. Days start to get longer, plus longer park hours return. Keep an eye out for early closures at Disneyland for Sweethearts' Nite. Pack layers and check the weather report to see if rain is expected when you visit.


Average high: 67 degrees; average low: 52 degrees; average rainy days: 4 to 5 days

Disneyland Weather — A spring treat in front of Disneyland flowers

Temperatures are still pleasant and this is the most gorgeous time to visit due to the pink, blooming tabebuia trees and flowers. Watch out for spring breakers and foodies flocking to the parks for school breaks and the Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival. Rain and chilly nights are still something to watch out for, but temperatures generally reach the 70s, and occasionally the 80s. For the most part, it's still spirit jersey weather, but you'll start wanting to have short sleeves on some days in the afternoon, so have a T-shirt layer under your long sleeves.  Keep an eye out for early closures for Disneyland After Dark events.

Disneyland Weather — People clink wine glasses by spring flowers at DCA


Average high: 70 degrees; average low: 54 degrees; average rain days: 2 days

April generally follows March with its mild temperatures. Spring break and Food and Wine continue to bring guests in. You’ll want a short-sleeve layer for midday and long sleeves for morning and evening, especially if you're running around to hunt for Eggstravaganza eggs. You should always wear sunscreen, but this is the month when we start seeing our green skin turn a little pink. You may even see a few really warm days, so wearing layers is the key to comfort.


Average high: 71 degrees; average low: 57 degrees; average rainy days: less than a day

May can go either way. "May Gray" can have its way with mornings. The marine layer comes in mid-month and lasts until the end of June, but it generally burns off in the afternoons. You’ll likely have sunny skies in the afternoon and the clouds may return in the evening.

May and June are the most humid months, with about 55 to 65 percent humidity. But that’s not much different from the driest months of January and November. In comparison, the relative humidity in Orlando usually peaks at 92 percent in June.

Disneyland Weather - A June morning with cloudy skies


Average high: 76 degrees; average low: 61 degrees; average rainy days: less than a day

While June is the best month in many other places, this is our least favorite weather in Southern California … if you want to hit the beach. But at Disneyland, we like it just fine. Why? The "June Gloom" keeps the sun from heating things up too much. Sure, you will get some warm afternoons, but the morning cloud cover keeps it from reaching those higher temperatures that come into play over the next few dry months. If you want to visit in summer but don’t like it hot, June is your best bet.


Average high: 81 degrees; average low: 66 degrees; average rainy days: less than a day

Disneyland Weather — People ride Grizzly River Run in summer

How does the June Gloom know to go away by July? We don’t know but it always does. Expect hot temperatures in July (hot days will be in the 90s!). The sun is strong, so if you're waiting outside in the sun for a show or parade, use an umbrella for shade. It really helps! Unless you are used to really warm nights, you probably do not need a nighttime layer, but check the hourly weather report to decide. Even hot days cool off after the sun sets. Check out our tips for managing time and staying cool at Disneyland in the summer. This is the time to hit the water rides, such as Grizzly River Run and Splash Mountain.

Don't have a nearby pool to escape to? Take your tadpoles to Toontown to play near the splashy CenTOONial Fountain or the splash pad at Donald's Boat


Average high: 82 degrees; average low: 68 degrees; average rainy days: less than a day

Disneyland Weather — Man with spray bottle fan in August

It is hot ... that is all. (But comparatively speaking, it's still not as hot as a humid August day in Florida! However, August 2022 was more humid than usual due to monsoons in the desert.) Generally, it's hot and dry. Arrive early, break out the Mickey ice cream bars and then splash in the hotel pool in the afternoon. Come back for evening entertainment and more tolerable temperatures after the sun goes down. Wear loose, lightweight clothes that won’t chafe when you sweat. Wear bike shorts under dresses and bring anti-chafe products. Hit the water rides early in the day, and stay hydrated. Take advantage of the end-of-summer entertainment and late August crowd reduction when kids head back to school.


Average high: 83 degrees; average low: 67 degrees; average rainy days: less than a day

Disneyland Weather — Halloween Cavalcade

As other places cool off for fall, September heats up in SoCal. You might reach temperatures in the triple digits. It’s hard to predict temperatures, but as the days get shorter, the temperatures mostly stay steady. It's definitely still pool weather, but watch the shade creeping in during the afternoons.

Every year when we go to the first Oogie Boogie Bash, we overdress. We need to kick off Halloween Time like it's the start of summer instead of the end. It’s hot and dry, but you might get a night of surprise rain. Last year, we thought the thunder and lightning were part of the Oogie Boogie Bash special effects ... until we left the park and it started getting worse! Plan your party costumes accordingly, and that may mean some last-minute changes. No sweatshirt is generally needed at night.


Average high: 78 degrees; average low: 63 degrees; average rainy days: 1 to 2 days 

The first half of October is still pretty hot. But by mid-October, the heat tends to drop to tolerable, and even pleasant, temperatures. You'll want to keep an eye on hourly weather for your visit so you know how to dress in this transitional month, weather-wise.


Average high: 72 degrees; average low: 57 degrees; average rainy days: 3 days 

Disneyland Weather — People dress in short sleeves and shorts at the start of Holiday time

At the beginning of the month, anything goes. You can have temperatures in the high 80s or even 90s one day and drop into the 50s at night the next. This happened to us at the start of Holiday Time in 2021 when one day and night were blisteringly hot, and the next we were shivering and shopping for warm clothes on Main Street, U.S.A. It felt like summer for the start of the holiday season in 2021, but then like mid-winter a few days later.

Layers are your best friends, or you’ll be one of many guests buying up all the sweatshirts and spirit jerseys you can get your hands on when things change. This month marks the season when we start to see rain, especially later in the month. We appreciate having scarves to keep us cozy at night.

Disneyland Weather — People in coats ad a scarf in December at night


Average high: 65 degrees; average low: 52 degrees; average rainy days: 5 days 

With short days, this is the coldest month and one that can get some rainy days. But you’ll also get beautiful days in the mix — you know, the gorgeous days that make people jealous and plot their move to California as they watch the sunny Rose Bowl Parade from their colder states. Pack those hats and thin gloves. It’s holiday sweater weather and we find that scarves make a huge difference in keeping us warm and feeling festive.

You'll want to dress warmly to experience all the nighttime holiday magic at Holiday Time at Disneyland. Don't let the cold be the reason you miss any fun. Layer up at night with hats, gloves and a scarf, and you may get by without a heavy jacket. If it’s warm in the afternoon, stash the warm clothes or jackets in a stroller or locker until you need them. If you expect rain, bring an umbrella or poncho.

While we frogs wish we could predict (and especially control) the weather, we have no magic powers. Weather can vary from one year to the next, but we gave it our best shot for preparing you for Disneyland weather no matter when you visit.

Hopfully, you have beautiful Disneyland weather for your trip. The statistics are on your side! Just be sure to check the hourly weather report so you know if you need layers or an umbrella. You'll also need a Disneyland Resort ticket to visit. We can help you save some green there with our discounted Disneyland multi-day tickets. 

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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