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The Best Disneyland Snacks (and Where to Find Them!)

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - PinterestAs much as we love the outstanding attractions, characters and entertainment that Disneyland Resort has to offer, we'll admit to having a secret crush on certain tempting treats. When hunger strikes but we just need a snack or treat to tide us over, there are many great options. Our favorites have that extra sprinkling of Disney magic. Everything just tastes better when it's shaped like Mickey or themed after a favorite character or ride. Am I right? We’ve narrowed it down to what we think are the very best Disneyland snacks in Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park and even Downtown Disney ... plus where you can find them!

With the opening of Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure and the addition of new snacks at Disneyland, we've added to our list, adding in some new favorite, mouthwatering, must-have treats.

This list could easily grow twice as long, but these are the best snacks at Disneyland that we find ourselves daydreaming about before a visit and end up going back to time and again. Is it snack time yet?

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them

Want to see some of the treats in Disneyland Park in action? Check out Tad's video.

We'll call this list our baker's dozen. It's so hard to narrow down our favorite Disneyland snacks, especially as this list keeps growing and growing! Let's hop to it and take a look at the best Disneyland snacks. We even share some tips on how to save money on them!

Whip It! Whip It Good

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - Dole Whip

The Myth. The Legend. The Whip. The Dole Whip. Or in this case, the Dole Whip Float! Did you know there is a national Dole Whip Day? It's always on the third Thursday in July (landing on July 20 in 2023), which is probably the perfect day to enjoy a refreshing Dole Whip!

Dole Whip is a soft-serve, pineapple-flavored frozen treat that you can find at the entrance to Adventureland in front of the Enchanted Tiki Room. You can order just the Dole Whip by itself, or as a float in pineapple juice. The wait is over! Order using the Disneyland Mobile Order service through the Disneyland app. You can enjoy your refreshing treat inside the Enchanted Tiki Room while you cool off in the dark and air-conditioned show.

Adventurous Dole Whip lovers can also hop on over to the Tropical Hideaway in Adventureland to order in person and discover more options, including Dole Whip floats, Loaded Whips and pineapple Dole Whip swirled with other flavors. The flavors have been changing with the seasons lately for some new twists and treats. These treats are so refreshing on a hot day! The hot treats at this location also make great snacks: the bao are so tasty too. Here are some more tips on staying cool at Disneyland.

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - The blue and yellow Pixar Pier Parfait on Pixar PierAs much as the Disneyland crowds love the pineapple Dole Whip float, the Pixar Pier Parfait is its colorful cousin at Disney California Adventure. The Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait is served up at the Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats. This beautiful and refreshing non-dairy dessert has lemon Dole Whip — "It’s Lemon!" — swirled with the blue raspberry frozen slushy and topped with a cherry. It’s one of the most photographed foods in the parks and it tastes just as good as it looks. It's so refreshing on a sunny day!

You can also get the “It’s Lemon!” flavor or "It's Mango!" either separately or swirled together in a cup or cone. It also comes topped with a “snow cap” of white chocolate. Shake things up with the "It's Chile-Lime Mango" (with Chamoy, chile-lime seasoning and diced mango on top of mango Dole Whip). But most exciting are the new adult drinks at this location. Try the tropical Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait with Blue Curaçao or the salty Chile-Lime Mango Margarita. It's a snack and a drink!

Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - Cookie Num Num

As you go through the second tunnel on the Incredicoaster, you get the most delicious whiff of chocolate chip cookies. Of course, you start feeling a bit like Jack-Jack and suddenly crave a cookie. But don't get hangry! There's a cookie cart right outside the ride exit. You can get a warm, giant Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num. It's deliciously gooey with huge melted chocolate chunks and is big enough to share with a pal. The cart sells assorted milk to wash it down. There are gluten-friendly and shortbread options also available. Yum, yum!

Crunch on a Giant Pickle

The Best Disneyland Snacks (and Where to Find Them!) - pickle earsNo trip to Disneyland is complete without getting a crunchy dill pickle from the produce stands throughout the parks. This mom-approved snack is probably the healthiest treat you’ll eat all day. A Disneyland dill pickle weighs in at about 21 calories and takes some time to munch on, so it keeps little ones busy for a while without causing a sugar rush and crash. It’s crunchy and tasty (and frog-colored) and helps you reserve some calories to splurge on more treats, like, say, a caramel apple later. Coming in at an affordable price of about $4, it’s a win-win!

Chomp a Churro

Disneyland seems to be the gold standard when it comes to churros. Other churros simply do not compare to Disneyland churros. You can follow your nose to churro stands throughout the parks. To spice things up, try the Caliente Churro at Señor Buzz Churros (it tastes like it's covered in Red Hots).

Keep your eye out for limited-time churros during holidays, special events and festivals. We are always amazed at the creative churro colors and flavors. Some even have accompanying dips! And speaking of churros, they have inspired a favorite Disneyland treat!

Try the Churro Toffee

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - Toffee

If you love churros, then try the Churro Toffee! Our latest addiction is toffee dipped in white chocolate and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar. You can find it at candy shops: Trolley Treats and Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff in Disney California Adventure, Candy Palace and Pooh Corner at Disneyland and Marceline's Confectionery in Downtown Disney. Mobile order it to skip the line. We suspect this highly-addictive treat is here to stay.

Mickey Mouse Peanut Butter Square

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - PB SquareAnother sweet shop favorite is this chocolate, peanut and peanut butter sandwich. It has the perfect combination of sweet and salty with the right blend of crunch and gooeyness. Better eat it quickly on a hot day because the chocolate can melt. It's finger-licking good!

Of course, there are many other chocolate-covered treats in the candy shops. Some are shaped like Mickey or frogtastically themed after other characters or park elements. The Tigger Tail is quite popular, as are the chocolate-covered Rice Krispies treats. There are so many fun chocolate treats to try! But once we tried the Mickey Mouse Peanut Butter Square, we were sold ... it's that good! (If you have already tried it before the pandemic, be aware that It no longer has a piece of graham cracker in it).

Say "Yay" for Mickey Beignets

You can find Mickey-shaped beignets at Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square. (While Mint Julep Bar is closed, hop over to Royal Street Veranda or Hungry Bear Restaurant to find these sweet treats. Royal Street Veranda also temporarily has Mint Julep.) These sweet, fried fritters are dusted with powdered sugar (our favorite choice), but you can sometimes order them dusted with seasonal toppings or with dips for holidays or for promotions.

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - Beignet

We highly recommend getting a Mint Julep to rinse them down. While water is our go-to hydration when we're in the parks, Mint Julep is very refreshing with a hint of lime and mint. This nonalcoholic drink goes down very easily, i.e., quickly. You’ll wish you had a second one. Pro tip: Get the tadpoles their own so they don’t drink yours! If you can never get enough Mint Julep, here's a money-saving tip: You can get a refillable Mint Julep at table-service restaurants such as Café Orleans or Blue Bayou. That way, you get a lot more Mint Julep for your money.

You don’t have to be in the park to enjoy beignets! In Downtown Disney, you can score a bag of piping hot square beignets to-go from Jazz Kitchen Express.

Yodel-Lay-Hee-Matterhorn Macarooooooon

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - Matterhorn Macaroon

There are several tasty treats at the Jolly Holiday, one of our favorite Disneyland quick-service restaurants. There, you can get a unique treat that's designed to look just like the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride — a monstrous Matterhorn macaroon. This dense coconut replica of the snow-covered mountain is a trip. It is dipped in white chocolate snow and is a treat hefty enough to share with a friend (or a yeti). It's also proof that snacking doesn't have to break the bank. At about $4, it is one of the least expensive items we have found in the parks!

And while the name macaroon sounds pretty similar to a macaron, these tasty treats are actually quite different. What they both have in common is that you can get either at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. The giant Mickey-shaped macaron is another one of the best snacks at Disneyland that Lily insisted we mention here. We especially enjoy the raspberry rose, and it is large enough to share with a friend (or mom — right, Lily?). But it's always fun to try some of the macarons that change with the season. Hop over to Alien Pizza Planet for the green alien macaron. It's sweet and almost too cute to eat.

Flip for Flavored Popcorn

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - Kid eating Disneyland popcornThe tadpoles love regular Disneyland popcorn as much as any other kid. If you ask them, they'll tell you that Disneyland makes the best popcorn in the world. Popcorn from the popcorn carts is always on our must-have snack list! Luckily, it's available at stands throughout the parks.

We rev our engines on Route 66 in Cars Land as we cruise past the Cozy Cone Motel. We love to punch it up with the flavored popcorn from Popcone. We tried the dill pickle flavor and found it dill-ightfully tasty. Popcone also offers exciting flavors such as pizza, sriracha, garlic parmesan, buffalo ranch, butter and white cheddar. We love putting a new spin on an old classic! Sadly, post-Disneyland reopening, the flavors are more limited. Check them out through the mobile order service. On our last visit, the choices were butter, pickle and white cheddar.

Cool Off with Ice Cream

Ice cream! Ice cream! We all scream for ice cream at Disneyland, especially on a hot day. OK, any day, any night, any weather ... really any time! This cool treat is easy to find in both parks and even in Downtown Disney. We enjoy scoops, cones and sundaes at Gibson Girl. Save money by ordering two scoops with an extra cup and spoon and dividing them yourself instead of buying two individual servings. Or add a third scoop for just 50 cents more when ordering in person! During the holidays, the ice cream parlor carries a secret menu flavor of peppermint. The Golden Horseshoe serves cookie ice cream sundaes and floats. And then there are those iconic chocolate-covered Mickey ice cream bars and other frozen treats at carts throughout the parks.

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - Mickey Ice Cream SandwichOver at Disney California Adventure, get your hand-scooped ice cream on a cone at Clarabelle’s or hand-dipped ice cream bars and frozen bananas. (Frozen bananas are back at the ice cream carts!) Find your soft-serve cones at the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land, which sometimes has fun toppings, such as road gravel (crushed Oreo). What's better than buying an ice cream cone from a giant traffic cone? NOTHING! Make a pit stop at Flo’s for shakes with road gravel topping. Both of these locations rank high among our favorite Disney California Adventure quick-service restaurants. Another favorite ice cream treat is the shake at the Smokejumpers Grill, which has seasonal options — yum! Schmoozies! also has the cutest seasonal shakes. 

You don’t have to go all the way to San Francisco for a Ghirardelli sundae when you can indulge at Ghirardelli’s Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop. There is a location right in Pacific Wharf. It even has dairy-free options! We are usually drawn in by the yummy aromas and sights of its ice cream sundaes. It's enough to make you start drooling! There are plenty more opportunities to purchase ice cream in the parks, but these are just a sprinkling of our favorites. I think we can all agree that ice cream is at the top of the list when it comes to the best snacks at Disneyland.

See a Line? Mickey Pretzel Time!

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - Kid Holding Mickey Pretzel up to His Face

If we're going to be waiting in a long line, but need something to snack and share, we seek out a pretzel. The Mickey pretzel from a cart puts a Disney twist on an old favorite. Order it with or without cheese sauce. It hits the spot and makes waiting fun.

Besides getting pretzels at the vending carts, you can also get a Mickey pretzel from Refreshment Corner or Bayside Brews to save some money because they cost a little less there (and apply discounts). We always look for opportunities to save some green when snacking to extend our food budget in the parks.

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - Girls are excited to share a Quantum Pretzel

Our favorite shareable pretzel is the Quantum Pretzel in Avengers Campus. This Bavarian big boy weighs in at 453.8 grams and comes with a sharp cheddar cheese-beer sauce and mustard. To kick it up a notch, there are also seasonal pretzels with toppings at Pym Test Kitchen. Hop over to our guide to Avengers Campus food for more super snacks. On a budget? you can get a Bavarian pretzel at nearly half the price of the Quantum Pretzel at Sonoma Terrace.

Swing By Avengers Campus for Shawarma and Other Snacks

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - The New York's Best Shawarma with the yogurt sauce

One of the best things about Avengers Campus is the food! We love the Pym Test Kitchen for meals but when you need a quick and hearty bite that will hold you over until your next meal, it's Shawarma time. There are two Shawarma Palace stands in the land. The nice thing is that there is a breakfast Sha-Warm-Up in the morning (toadally plant-based, BTW) and both a chicken version —New York's Tastiest — and a plant-based Impossible Victory Falafel with cauliflower and hummus. But it's the coconut yogurt-tahini sauce that really makes these two extra tasty. They are more like mini-meals on the go.

If you love churros, you can get a colorful round and seasonally flavored version at Terran Treats. And Pym Test Kitchen sells a Celestial-sized Choco-Smash CANDY Bar. With dark chocolate, peanuts, caramel, nougat, chocolate brownie and a Hulk-sized weight, you'll need to share this treat with a friend or two. It tastes like a giant Snickers and is sure to give you a sugar rush.

Let Them Eat Cake

The Best Disneyland Snacks (and Where to Find Them!) - pumpkin cold brew

At Disneyland, you can have your cake and eat more too. Cupcakes, bundt cakes, cake pops, and layer cakes — all can be found in the parks. You can pre-order birthday cakes in advance at table-service restaurants. Cake pops and cupcakes come in a variety of themes, but for small tadpoles, we love the small size and neatness that comes with cake pops. There are also promotional, themed cakes during holidays, celebrations and festivals. You can indulge in seasonal cakes. The cake comes in all shapes and sizes, so check out the selection of flavored funnel cakes at Hungry Bear Restaurant if you really want a new spin on the cake. If you are making a dining reservation, add a birthday cake to your order to surprise a birthday pal.

One of our favorite cakes is the grey stuff at the Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland. Try the grey stuff — it’s delicious! Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes! The grey stuff is a white chocolate mousse (it tastes way better than it looks) that surrounds a red velvet cupcake and raspberry center. There are holiday versions, such as the "grave stuff" at Halloween Time! But the only difference is the color of the sprinkles and maybe the addition of a chocolate piece. Rest assured you can find cake variations all around the park if you’ve got some reason — any reason at all — to celebrate. (A very merry unbirthday to you!) We’re just here to help. No judgment.

Hearty Bites at Edelweiss Snacks

The Best Disneyland Snacks - Cheesy Garlic Pretzel Bread

At Edelweiss Snacks, get the Cheesy Garlic Pretzel Bread with a side of marinara sauce. (Maurice's Treats also sells this yummy bread.) Edelweiss Snacks is also a great spot to grab a turkey leg or a bratwurst with sauerkraut on a garlic chive brioche bun.

The Best Disneyland Snacks (and Where to Find Them!) - Bratwurst at Edelweiss

We love the bratwurst, which is admittedly closer to a meal than a snack. It's a filling option if you need a quick bite — or some protein — while you wait for the parade. Wash your snacks down with a frozen slush. Here's a tip: Order two slush flavors so you can see the top color make a Mickey! Things simply taste better and spark joy when they are shaped like Mickey! This snack location has a shaded and peaceful dining area behind it, so you can rest while you snack.

The Best Disneyland Snacks (and Where to Find Them!) - Slushy at Edelweiss

Another great snack spot in the area is Troubadour Tavern, where you can get a loaded baked potato or some curry and potato sambusas. Grab them to eat while you watch Tale of the Lion King at Fantasyland Theater.

There are a few other classic Disneyland snacks and treats that are more like mini meals on the go. If corndogs, turkey legs and chili in a bread cone are calling your name, hop over to our guide to the best on-the-go Disneyland foods for a look at snacks and small meals that aren't as sweet as most of these treats.

Try Asante Sana Sambusa

The Best Disneyland Snacks - Sambusa with sauce

If you are looking for a uniquely delicious snack, try this flaky pastry at Troubadour Tavern. It's filled with curry-spiced potatoes and mixed vegetables. it pairs perfectly with a mango chutney dip! Troubadour Taverne also sells baked potatoes loaded with butter, sour cream, cheese bacon bits and green onions. Look for some fun snack options for Pixar Fest (April 26 through Aug. 4, 2024).

Choose a Caramel Apple

The Best Disneyland Snacks and Where to Find Them - Pink Minnie caramel apple with Matterhorn in background

It’s no secret that a caramel apple is my absolute favorite indulgence at Disneyland. What makes this a great snack is that you can find just the right apple for you. Hungry for an apple decorated like a favorite Disney character? Done. Even if all you need is a simple, plain caramel apple or one rolled in peanuts, you'll be more than satisfied.

You can find caramel apples at Disneyland, Disney California Adventure and Downtown Disney sweet shops. Those sweet shops are also where you will discover other handmade treats such as cake pops, cupcakes, crispy treats and candies. To me, these delights can’t share the spotlight with the other snacks, so of course, I've done an entire post about Disneyland caramel apples and where to find them.

The Best Disneyland Snacks (and Where to Find Them!) - water

All these snacks will make you thirsty. You can also save on bottled water and other items by staying away from the vending carts. A bottle of Dasani water at a cart could be $4.75 but is $4.39 in restaurants. You can apply discounts at restaurants but not carts. Many restaurants (and the Starbucks locations) will give you a cup of iced water for free if you ask. Others will give you a cup of ice and send you to a filtered water station nearby.

We couldn’t name all of the best Disneyland snacks here, so if you have a favorite Disneyland treat we have not mentioned, please share it with us in the comments below! Seriously, let us know in case we’ve missed one somehow! We get excited to try new treats or even variations of old favorites that may change with the seasons. Hoppy snacking!

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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