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Visit a Historic Ball Park at Wrigley Field

by Leap on April 15, 2024 Chicago

Wrigley Field, located in Chicago, is one of the most iconic baseball stadiums in the world — serving as the home of the Chicago Cubs team. But beyond its role as a baseball stadium, Wrigley Field also hosts huge concerts. Let's jump into all of the important details about this...

2024 MLB Schedule — Highlights and Important Dates of the Season

by Leap on March 28, 2024

With Spring Training now complete, Opening Day is at bat! The 2024 Major League Baseball (MLB) season officially began March 28, 2024, with all 30 teams playing on Opening Day. The regular season wraps up Sept. 29, though 12 teams will continue playing into the postseason for a chance to...

A Magnificent Guide to the New York Mets

by Leap on March 22, 2024 New York City

In the realm of professional baseball, few teams have managed to captivate spectators in the way the New York Mets have. With a rich and storied history of victory in the MLB — including two World Series titles and five National League pennants — the team has amassed a passionate...

What to Expect for the Washington Nationals' 2024 Season

by Leap on March 21, 2024 Washington, D.C.

Representing our nation's capital, the Washington Nationals bring exciting baseball to D.C. Donning red, white and blue (of course!), the team has had great success recently, including winning the World Series in 2019. Learn more about the Nats team, upcoming schedule and how to save on tickets! Hop To Team...

A Fan's Guide to the Pittsburgh Pirates

by Leap on March 20, 2024 Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Pirates took a decent step forward in 2023 — improving upon their 62-100 record from the 2022 season and earning their best record since 2018. They're now hoping to make the playoffs after an eight-year absence and clinch their first National League Central win. Will they emerge victorious?...

Chicago Cubs Tickets for the Win!

by Tad on March 19, 2024 Chicago

As the 2024 baseball season heats up, fans are gearing up for the upcoming season for the Chicago Cubs. Chicago fans know you are either a Cubs or a White Sox fan. Cubs fans are known as the "North Siders." It's time for Cubs fans to put on the blue,...

What to Expect for the St. Louis Cardinals' 2024 Season

by Leap on March 19, 2024 St. Louis

One of the nation's oldest and most successful professional baseball clubs, the St. Louis Cardinals have won the most World Series championships out of any team in the National League. After a surprising 2023 season in which the team finished last in their division for the first time since 1990,...

What to Expect for the Colorado Rockies' 2024 Season

by Tad on March 18, 2024 Denver

Sporting purple and silver, the Colorado Rockies are a professional baseball team representing the well-known city of Denver. Named after the majestic Rocky Mountains, the team hopes to return to a winning record this season. Learn more about the team's history, schedule and how to save on tickets! Hop To...

Seattle Mariners' 2024 Season Outlook

by Leap on March 15, 2024 Seattle

With a true superstar in Julio Rodríguez anchoring their lineup and a crop of younger pitchers that's the envy of almost every team in the MLB, the Seattle Mariners are hoping to find their way back into the postseason in 2024. Can they do it? Keep reading to learn how...

How to Hit a Home Run with Milwaukee Brewers Tickets

by Leap on March 15, 2024 Milwaukee

As the 2024 baseball season gears up, the Milwaukee Brewers are "Turnin' Up the Heat." Baseball season is here and fans can't wait to see the Brewers play live with new stadium enhancements. If you want to go to a Milwaukee Brewers game, here's how to hit a home run...

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